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Everything posted by slimjim

  1. Moving pots could upset medium cause it to move and that cant be good for roots and to many changes isnt good either. 18.6c is a bit low bro look at light meter. Here we are again less is more, applies so many times in the growroom. Peace
  2. See hunters i have a nose for some green fingers hehe. Very nice development bro well done. peace
  3. Coming along good in here, try removing soil covers to see if it helps them bottom leaves at all, wouldn't like to see it rise thru the plant. Peace
  4. These deformities in young grow normally grow out as these are not to bad. SLH2 (the big 1) looks to be the indica pheno. Great progress with nice colour. Keep it green bro. Peace
  5. Nice start, cant wait the follow up. Happy growing. Peace
  6. Nice start, welcome to the contest. Why do i have that feeling of something nice coming up in here, you have my attention. Peace
  7. Good going, healthy progress. Maybe replace cardboard with granular medium as not to upset air replacement and ease of watering, an excellent idea when they drying to quick. PEACE
  8. Are you still using them jars? Reason i ask they have no vent hole, this could be your problem No Fresh Air. Peace
  9. Good luck on the germination bro. Should be getting a nice spread of the strain with this lot. Happy growing. PEACE
  10. Excellent. #FULLGAS Nice start, ive now booked front row seat. Keep us updated on their development. PEACE and RESPECT
  11. Unless you allow your pot to sit in water, coco is almost impossible to over-water as the air content is said to be 24% upwards. http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/40/7/2138.full.pdf Hope this helps and Good luck. PEACE
  12. You did right Shaggy, once the seed has cracked pot it, there is not many that do not make it. Just keeping it moist amongst others become easier. Good show. PEACE
  13. Looking good, flowering in 10 days cant wait to see. PEACE
  14. No turning back now, there in the drink. Good start, they are in capable hand as shown in last journal. Have fun in the contest bro. PEACE
  15. Thats better now 2 little babies Looking ok maybe a bit tall, but never mind you could always pot it do and have soil closer to leaves or get a breeze on them and strengthen them. PEACE
  16. No not to young, obviously dont blow them over. However ventilation is different to circulation which i am talking about, open fans inside the tent moves the air around. Where ventilation fans extract and input air. Hope this helps. PEACE Both are needed.
  17. At this stage any small fan that moves them would help, in the past i have seen many people including myself use old PC fans they are great for seedlings. peace
  18. Some great development both above and below. Really nice roots bro, and from what i can see short internodes and nice leaf colour. Keep up the good work, im keeping a seat in this room. PEACE
  19. The MH lighting will make more leaf growth, so to stop the stretching. If not already done so a light breeze over them should strengthen the stem. The clones look good so maybe its no problem keeping them dormant. Keep up the good work bro. PEACE
  20. It is highly possible @LedCherryBerry although some hermies only produce a single nanna and others are cover with them, i guess its down to how much stress they had or traits of genetics. Hope this helps a little. PEACE
  21. Hooray- they not balls, they are preflowers covered in glorious trichomes. PEACE
  22. Nice clean enviroment, just the job for cloning. Good luck cant wait to see the results. PEACE
  23. One point to consider, hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) is bleach. Is it a good idea to mix with beneficial bacteria which the Enhancer contains. Just a thought bro. PEACE