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  1. It´s just one of thouse must have strains. It has a sweet and pine like earthy taste with a long lasting narcotic high. Great strain. My absolute favorit GHS strain.
  2. They definitely look like two very different pheno´s wich in my optics would explain the difference in the time they need to flower. I think that the once that haven´t reached the same state in flowering are way more Sativa dominant than the others and may flower in an other tempo and perhaps needs longer time to finish flowering too.
  3. You say that you started the fertilizing process when the plants began to showed signs of pre flowers and up till then you only used tap water. If your tap water is low in nutrient salts your plants may suffer from a range of deficiency including nitrogen witch would be the most obvious reason for the yellow leaves. But as Tokage said there could be a lot of things that you missed to say like whats the temperature, the Humidity and the supply of fresh air.
  4. This is one of My absolut favorit strains. I simply Just Love evrything about the chemDog. The smell the taste and it's yield is fantastic. And its sold Out from Green House Seeds. Damn. Does anynone know when it's back in Stock.
  5. PF Still Misses the ph perfect Technologie that AN has IT would be Just awesome if PW was able to provide the same ph stability.
  6. I think Tokage nailed it the first time. I have seen this several times before and all most all of the times it has been because of the Ph-value in the growing medium have been mostly to low but also when it have been to high. When Ph is higher than 7,0 or below 5,0 essential nutrients gets locked out and the plants cant get them and therefore starts to show of signs of deficiency of different kinds. Also when the ph gets below 5,0 the water is starting to become very acid, this will lower the transpiration of excess co2 from the leaves during the plants respiration and because there is no light in the transpiration period, the plant cells has no energy to convert the co2 into building materials for growth and the co2 becomes acid and toxin in the plant cells causing them curl and twist . This is very stressful for the plants they gets stunned and slows down growth and it often takes weeks for them to recover and start producing new normal growth and Damaged leaves will never recover. The best thing to do is to flush the medium with ph adjusted water and get the mediums ph down to 5,8 - 6,3 and to keep it steady there.
  7. IWS DWC system it´s very expensive and a 6 pot system with air-kit and everything is about 650 Euro, But it´s the idea of the system that´s the secret and you can easily make a similar system using AutoPot parts and some pumps and a timer. The smart thing about the IWS system is that it has a so called Brain bucket that controls the ebb N flow sequence. You can also use the Oxypot and connect the amount of pots you need to each other and a large enough nutrient tank and have constant circulation on the nutrient solution through the pots and the tank at all time. The main thing in all of this is to get as much oxygen to the roots as possible and to keep the roots moist at all time by having the roots at the bottom of the Pot constantly covert in nutrient solution and the top of the roots near the root ball moist at all time by using ebb N flow.
  8. All IAm saying is that water contaning clorine must be purifyed before you eigther drink it or use it for your Plants. Clorine is used as a disinfection to kill bacteries. It Will kill essentiel bacteries in your stomac and in your Growing mediea. It Will eventually harm you and your plants. Rainwater is allmost as pure as osmosis water so I agree with you that if IT is a question about money rainwater is prefered. Other Wise I would use osmosis water to gain the maximum control over every aspect of My grow.
  9. Tap Water with clorine slowly kills both you and your plants. Gather rain Water or bye an reverse osmosis system to purify your water and get rid of All unwanted Materials in the water. This way you feed your plants way more nutrients then you are used to when using tap water. Where i live er have about 350-800 ppm in the tapwater and when its cleaned with reverse osmosis it's 0-30 ppm. This makes IT possible to almost dobbel the amount og nutrients i can add to My nutrient solusion .
  10. No problem Friend. I know the Aeroponic propagator x-streame and I never use anything Else simply because it's so easy making clones this way. I allso know the Amazon System and they are okay but vevry Limited in size and the placement og the Pot wholes are not ideal in My oppinion. The IWS Deep Water culture Systems Differences from the Most og the other products from Nutriculture by having a build in Air Stone in each Pot. This ensures a vevry high koncentration of oxygen around the rotzone and in the water perfect conditions for Rapid growth. Each Pot has a volume of 18l with an airstone in the bottom. Connecting from 6 and up to 24 pots in each system controled by an Brain bucket in a ebb n flow sequence. This is far Better than the Amazon system witch dosen't have the airstone and are vevry Limited in the way the Pot wholes are Placed on the top plate. My expierence have showed that the biggst problem I had with the IWS Deep Water culture System and the Rush System, was the masive root development that totaly filled Out the pots with white roots and roothairs. In Thise Systems you can grow huge plantes.
  11. Hi Bam. I have a lot of experience with all Nutricultures products because I sell then through my store and web shop. The X-stream Aeroponic Propagator is in my opinion one of the easy ways to make clones for DWC-Systems. They root easy and the rooted clones are easily transplanted in the DWC-system witch in my opinion is one of the best ways to grow plants because of the high level of oxygen around the root zone and in the nutrient solution. In my experience you will be able to see a sizable increase in growth contraindicated if you had used soil. Deep Water Culture systems easily helps your plants to rapid growth and with the Rush System also from Nutriculture you can literally grow Trees.
  12. Hi Friend. I am very sorry to have to be the one to tell you that this is far from okay. You have to get some more info on how to construct a grow room because there are just so many things wrong with this setup. Sorry Friend. First you need to understand the importance of the environment you are trying to create fore your plants. You need to be able to control Heat, Humidity, air circulation and the sufficient level of CO2 around the plants. Then you need to understand the importance of light source and what the different light waves does fore the photosynthesis. You need to understand how to control your plants growth and how to trigger the Plants into Bloom. Then you have to know something about the soil you choose. You need to know what it´s made from and how many nutrients and micro organism it contains. The soil on the picture looks like something you got from a mudslide on some remote mountain top. It looks dead in nutritional ways and perhaps filled with unwanted amounts of minerals and other stuff your plants cant absorb anyway. You need to understand the importance of Ph and you need to find a good basis nutrient and some additives to boost up Root, Growth and Flower production. And finally you certain need to clean up . Your grow area looks messy and dirty and you need a clean grow area to avoid deceases, mold and bugs. You could learn a lot from looking around other posts on this forum. There are a lot of very cool grow journals in here. You can also learn everything you need to know from Jorge Cervantes by either bye his Book or look at his web site This is only to help you out my friend and I hope that you are not offended in any way. Bless...
  13. Since you are using Advanced nutrients you could gaine a Lot by adding some of their Great addetives like Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula these are their root Mass tribe and they Work very well especialy when used Together in laite growth and start bloom. Tjeck their intiere products because they have evrything your plants need week by week.
  14. Hi Friend. Its Most likely the lack of Micro organism in the Coco. You need to ad some products with bacillus and trichoderma and other Earth bacteries and fungi. Another thing is how bad Coco holds nitrogen and you could gaine some laiter on i flower Stage by adding extra nitrogen i growth Stage.
  15. Hej

    Hello friend .. and welcome .. then you've come to the right place .. Take some time to look on the forum so I am sure that you will be able to learn very much and find the techniques that best suit you .. you are also welcome to ask questions if there is something you need to get developed further .. the people who are on Strain Hunters are very kind to come up with good competent answers to all the problems that you might eventually be faced .. Where in the world do you come from Bless .. Ice

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