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  1. Pictures from yesterday first 2 are Silverback next 2 are Cloudwalker
  2. Sorry for not reporting on this Grow before but I have had some problems with Spidermites in the grow room and was forced to take the whole room down in order to clean the intiere room. Thats why I have made 2 new sproughts and placed them in my greenhouse. This was done back in the end of June and I took two pictures of the plants when they where about 4 weeks old.
  3. Thanks for the advice OG. Naj i Will try to remember that when the time Come 😊
  4. So here is the nutrients lineup and the grow room finishing up the laitest project 😋 Cant wait to really getting startes with thise New strains
  5. So here we go. Soaking the beans 😋. I Will transplant Them in to 14L pots once they have 2 sets of fan leafes and let Them grow for 3-4 weeks on 18/6 and then follow the LID charge made by Fluence Bioenginering until they are on 12/12. I Will try to keep the humiddity very high Through out the entire growth and let the VP be controlled by the humiddity rather then the temperature. This requrie temperatures in the range of 29-35 degreese celsius, a lot of ventilation to push the air around so it dont condensate on the leafes, a humidifier to get the humiddity to 80-8
  6. Here is some picture of My curent projekt with the Chemdog that have Been crossed with the Strawberry Couch. Not the Best pictures Though.
  7. Thank you José and Green house for this amazing oppotunity. I Will start germinating the seeds laiter today. The grow room is 20m2 with 2x600w HPS. Grow media is soil in 14l pots and I Will be using Remo Nutrients full series. Veg time Will be 4-6 weeks, because I am finishing a project with a cross between a Chemdog cut from back in 2008 (Franco gave me 10 seeds back then, and this one was chousen as the Mother) and a male Strawberry Couch from back in around 2000. I Will poste a picture of it laiter. Its in week 4 in flower and needs atleast 4-5 more weeks to finish.
  8. Hi José. You know iam ready and have Been so for a while. I would love to test your silverback strain if possible. Bless Iceskunk.
  9. It´s just one of thouse must have strains. It has a sweet and pine like earthy taste with a long lasting narcotic high. Great strain. My absolute favorit GHS strain.
  10. They definitely look like two very different pheno´s wich in my optics would explain the difference in the time they need to flower. I think that the once that haven´t reached the same state in flowering are way more Sativa dominant than the others and may flower in an other tempo and perhaps needs longer time to finish flowering too.
  11. You say that you started the fertilizing process when the plants began to showed signs of pre flowers and up till then you only used tap water. If your tap water is low in nutrient salts your plants may suffer from a range of deficiency including nitrogen witch would be the most obvious reason for the yellow leaves. But as Tokage said there could be a lot of things that you missed to say like whats the temperature, the Humidity and the supply of fresh air.
  12. This is one of My absolut favorit strains. I simply Just Love evrything about the chemDog. The smell the taste and it's yield is fantastic. And its sold Out from Green House Seeds. Damn. Does anynone know when it's back in Stock.