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  1. Slex (Super Lemon Haze x Exodus Cheese)​ Please I would grow under cfl lights and uv leds, in a soil coco mix with Arduino home build monitor system, Possible with co2 injection.
  2. Thanks Tokage , Yeh looking forward to the end, not only for the smoke but for the new grow for the cannabis cup comp. I think the cheese will be ready next week ish.
  3. Here are the super closeups, i only have a mini mag eye piece so this arnt great. I had to hold the eye piece to the iphone to get these. But i will soon get out the but camera soon. There are from the sweet cheese.
  4. DAY 57 Getting close to the end here. The cheese are looking great, nice and tight buds and a lovely covering with resin, The smell is wonderful The skunk is about a week or 2 behind i would say. The buds are filling up and the is some evidence on resin on the buds now. The buds are more airy than the cheese but i suspect they will fill out in the next week. I have Started to give them the molasses now. Im watering about every 2 or 3 days. They take about 2 or 3L every water and im alternating the molasses every other water. Im giving them about 2 tea spoons per plant. I just mix up the mola
  5. Pack received correctly. Thank you very much.... Good work and fast
  6. this is what canadianhempco has to say about it but noit sure if it is the same: Strain Name: Caboose Grade: C+ Type: Indica Looks: Buds incredibly dense and dry. The green is almost entirely covered with orange hairs. Smell: Smells a little sweet and spicy. Taste: Fairly smooth and slightly bitter on the inhale. Sweet and spicy on the exhale to match the smell; big hits almost have the flavor of black licorice on the exhale. Effects: Very relaxing high. After my first hit it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Also, it is comfortably warm, and very mellow. If I had
  7. Just got my package... Fantastic GHS thanks.... looking forward to the comp.. Anybody out there know anything about Caboose Seeds
  8. Woohoo just got my package, happy hays

  9. Ok here is Day 39 Day before yesterday i gave them a feed with molasses in it, about 1/2 table spoon p/l and fed them today with just plain water, i will give them another feed in 2 days with the molasses again, Never used it before so lets see. Lots of small buds all over the plants. Sweet cheese still looks like the better plant but time will tell.
  10. I think the article said there was no potency left in it lol
  11. Yeh i agree totally, i Have never grown these strains before, dont think the sweet cheese need it but the sweet skunk definitely do. Should of guessed really as it being a skunk, Next time though, I do have an idea for a future grow of sweet skunk in a separate area using a vertical cylindrical scrog with the light in the middle. Self Contained in a big egg type room, lol will see
  12. Looking good there, good job, Love the big fatties on the other pics.