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  1. I have not received my seeds yet There track Or the same thing happened to me with the automatics?
  2. Thanks bros! I'm washing the roots right now. The End is coming!. "Winter is coming" Like games of thrones lol!
  3. Thanks you bro! I'm anxious waiting the end! I think this week ill harvest them! The new baby's are not Afgooeys. They are: Caramelo, Northern Light Blue, Holland Hope, Black Jack, Critical Super Silver Haze, Blue Widow and Critical.
  4. Viste primo! Estan divinas las chiquis! A vos tmb se te vienen renovadas! Estamos probando las critical x kilimanjaro! Delicias tuyas esas. Una gran cosecha por estos pagos.
  5. Guys i'm a bit crazy at this momento so ill only upload some pictures LOL. Today i gave them the last molasses, next week ill wash the roots and waitttttt ♥
  6. 6 weeks flowering! I'm anxious! On the next days ill give them the last power feeding before the washing roots. I love the Afgooey 1, It is a single bud of 66 centimeters.
  7. New pictures! Not much to say, just watch the girls They are pretty!
  8. Gracias amigos! Estoy feliz de que sigan la vida de mis niñas! Thanks friends, I'm really happy that you are following my girls life!
  9. paaa que belleza, como se nota la mano del cultiveta
  10. Thanks bro! More and more trichomes everyday! Te va a volar el cocooo fede!
  11. pufff el barandaso q hay es terrible, hoy prendi el ionizador a ver si disimula un poco
  12. Bueno amigos aqui les traigo fotos de las niñas en su quinta semana de fotoperiodo 12/12. Estan resinosas y engordando! El abono sigue siendo el mismo de la ultima actualizacion, power feeding + melaza + phito s3. Viene dando un muy buen resultado, espero que les gusten las fotos! Well my friends! here i bring you pictures from the girls in their 5 week with 12/12 photoperiod. I'm giving them the same fertilizers of the last update (power feeding+molasses+phito s3). Are resinous and fatter. I hope you like the pictures.
  13. Seguro que si hermano, lo unico que necesitan es amor, el resto es un plus. Gracias por pasar, un abrazo!

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