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  1. I rebalanced today at aroun 11am - I just checked now & they have dropped again drastically to 4.2 what the hell is going on here? - HHEEEEEELLLLLP Please
  2. Hi guys, I am at day 23 here & have noticed stark drops in ph from 5.8 to 3.8 over night in the last 48hrs. At first I panicked & redid a fresh reservoir albeit only being days old. I have re-balanced the PH back to 5.8. I assume that the ladies are simply very hungry. I am not sure how to best proceed - shall I carry on balancing the ph till I change the reservoir again - which I do every 5 days or so or shall i possibly add further nutrients (currently mainly on aqua vega /riz/ carbo load - they are still vegging but big already) Any advise will be greatly appreciated, regards K
  3. @ Lams - first off loving your passion for this tech & all your eloquent posts - 1 - big fan stealthmeister In this game of fast moving LED tech I wonder what your choice would be - want to get a really decent setup; a la see more buds for about 8 girls, so about 2 lights - m torn between budzilla & penetrators x - was wondering what your recomendation is - budget is around 1.8k £ (ideally full power) many thanks in advance Peace Kai
  4. Sweet sweet thread Lams - will certainly stay glued on it - love seeing the LEDs in action - nice one
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTyWtH4DUQk&feature=player_embedded
  6. http://www.greenlights-ledgrowlights.co.uk/html/lights/budzilla_400_int_led_grow_light.htm
  7. wow que detalle en estas fotitas MR.X - y estos LEDs tienen una pinta fenomenal
  8. United we must stand - find working alternatives to current drug policies. Time for the non-sense to stop! it the 21st century & each of our vote counts.
  9. Strawberry Haze :D

  10. Dear Strain Hunters Crew, Arjan, Franco, Mr. X, Dust, Admins & everyone part of this www. space I'd very much like to participate - sounds like a wicked challenge. Hope I made the first 300, fingers crossed, regards Kai
  11. KAI

    Blunts Vs Joints

    Btw. I remember reading howard Marks saying that he prefers joints over Blunts due to higher temparatures achieved mixed with tobacco - whats your take chaps?