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  1. Hi , I would love to be a tester. I have proven that i am not a fraud i would do a 120 W CFL grow at soil I would prefer kush but will go with sativa as well I did amnesia haze in my box and it was OK
  2. i clean mine with distillate water
  3. there was a boy and there was a weed the boy was rasta and the weed was green its name was the doctor and his I do not recall he gave me some seeds and i took them home I gave them good care and watered ...some when the time was right i catted it down ripped apart and handed it head-down now when its dry and smells like good shit there is a boy and there is a weed there are some seeds that will soon depart and no one can ever take us apart
  4. any thing going on with this stuff ? : P
  5. thx , soon i will try " The Doctor " Strain but it will be probobly under thees lights as well ... i am considering to setup something with LED now but its hard for me to find good material to educate myself about led lighting : [
  6. i will try that one, hopes it will not stinks more then the reason
  7. Below is the seller info about the light - plz tell me what do You think bout it ? how big grow can be supported by 1 of those ? how many per 1 square meter grow ? I have vary low experience wih LEDs so plz be kind and healp me to get a starting point with those so i could ( in future ) answer such "efficiency " questions myself : P 30W Cree XPE XP-E Led Emitter Bulb Red(8PCS)+ Blue(2PCS) Mix Color Multichip Plant Grow Light DIY Emitter 24-26V 350mA~1000MA The XLamp XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp XR-E LED in a package w
  8. Company ofcors but by starting all this forum and expedition movies You have become also a celebrities and as such YOu have right to act anyway I understand Your decision and can only accept it : P
  9. Hi I am starting this topic to ask You If You could take part in promoting this stuff : http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/8095-1-milion-people-neededfor-legalization-in-europe/ I believe that You can make a difference and using Your sources get this information to many ppl that are needed. For example You could do a short video and promote it on main page instad of current expedition : ] PLZ ppl are listening to You Guys ! let them hear about this action , even if theres small chance that it will pass still it will make a differences !
  10. Could You drop some ideas on how do You fight with Yours gardens smell ? well i know tha ofcors I can buy carbon firlter for ~ Ł30 but i am more interrested in some innovations in this area and DYI kind of solutions : ] plz lets make this a useful topic for all ! : ]
  11. White Lemon being polinated with other strain polen , nice way to separate other buds from being polinated - I got ~10 nice seeds from it and its enought for my home fun grows in future :]
  12. cose of being realy bussy in RL I do not keep a growlog atm but i would say its getting close to the end , its ~8 weeks in flowering and i will keep it for 2 - max 4 weeks more
  13. unfortunetly no . theoretically i could keep 2 plats in my box but i prefer to keep 1 and do not worry about place , also it could e not enought lumens per 2 plants , still 35G is in the top score of what I am getting from this box so i think it was a good one