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  1. Good luck lads, you know quality always shines through! Peace and respect.
  2. Good luck lads, you know quality always shines through! Peace and respect.
  3. Bound to win.Real quality. Always shines through! Good luck anyways, we can all use some of that. Peace. From here now!
  4. Peace and ta very much be seeing you all soon. Peace
  5. More of a question is this cup going to be the last due to changing laws regarding us foreigners? Are there going to be any passes for forum members. I would love to go, been smoking for 45 years, tasted a lot of the old school hashes from all over the World, love to be a judge one day maybe, but not if the bloody laws change and prevent it ! Peace everybody.
  6. Could be trace elements, depends how they were fed in veg I recken. Peace
  7. figures I use similar ph levels, great advice as ever from Franco.Peace.
  8. For total buzz I love Hawaiian snow with a roll of Nepalese through the middle , hmmmmm must try that very soon! Peace
  9. Got some but stopped using it during flowering, friends report excellent looking plants but 15% drop in yeald. As I can't afford this loss I shall only use it for veggy, until I find out what the crack is. Peace.
  10. Great advice as ever Franco you learned from the best. I remove all lower branches they get little light, growtiny bud and take the goodness from the tops. one of the lads from cannabis castle only left 3 or 4 branches. When I only have a small area I must leave more. Peace and thanks.
  11. Be trying these flavors in november when we come to visit.Peace
  12. great advice specially about no spraying leaves with nutes or they think "No need for roots !
  13. great advice and especially at the last two weeks before cutting, Peace
  14. nice welcome folk, what about a dry food with no change during flowering. and have had reports of beautiful looking plants but a big drop in yealds. What's the word? Any extra nutes needed or was this down to something else? Peace.