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    In my Tent, Scotland
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    Celtic FC , WEED ,My Family , in any order :-)
  1. Thanks for all the comments and input guys, its appreciated !! Peace Y'all _\|/_ mellojamie
  2. Hey Judgefudge and BEDZ and of course everyone else who has been popping in to see the journal, Santa Maria, LAMSBREAD, Dust, Stretchnomore, Ambertrichomez, Jimmy and again of course , Greenhouse, Strain hunters and the mods, Jose.gh , Fuzzy right up to Admin, Franco and Arjan, but a special shout to Mr X and Jose.ghwho has also put a significant amount of time and effort taking part and appearing in the forums and of course all the work he and Jose.gh have put into this Inddor Cannabis cup we are all dying to win..lol..:-) , As i have said before though guys, after i finish this grow and sta
  3. Ha Ha Ha... fookin brilliant, loved reading that, good luck with the grow, lol...The Hermit, i love the fact you thought it would be better to say you were in his garden looking for a Kitchen Knife of all things rather than ask for you're package, Kudos man Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  4. Thanks Guys, Yeah Tokage, that should have said a TEASPOON per Gallon in the brewed tea, and the soil has a little about 3/4 way down the pot so the roots get to it just when they need it most, if anyone follows the recipe above and uses a tbspoon, dilute it a bit before feeding to the ladies !! As we know its a lot easier to top up underfeeding than it is to fix overfeeding !!! Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  5. Thanks Ka4irga.., and Panc justed.., and thanx to all the other visitors and well wishers, Big shout to the Admin and Mods who without them we wouldnt be able to showcase our grow's and share what we do, Certainly cant be entering them in any gardening contests anytime soon in this country without getting . Peace Y'all _\|/_ ps, Anyone know why on the menu for the grow journals, most grows have a hash leaf at the left hand side, some have a blue star and mine and 1 other journal have nothing ?? Just curious..
  6. Hey Guys, been about a week i think so i'm here to update and add some pics, Firstly i must say ' Forgive me about the pics, it's only a shit wee camera fone, unfortunately that is all i have as my absent minded other half left my/our last camera at a wedding we were both at, mibbe she has took the million hints i have dropped about Santa replacing it this year with a brand new camera... Well i can hope anyway !! OK , yesterday i gave the ladies a brewed tea, Mexican Bat Guano, Earth Worm Castings, Blood,Bone and Fish Meal - a Tbs of each per gallon of water, (3 gallons ) in a bucket with a
  7. Yeah Chronic that's the same with me m8, about 2 weeks into flower on my current grow so once thats done i'll be startin my 'White Lemon' for the contest !! Peace Y'all _\|/_
  8. im sure i saw a grow journal getting started a few days ago, i think it was BhamBhole, opened his package and put the seeds straight into water, i might be wrong though , i will be starting mine in a few weeks when i finish my currrent grow, no room and wrong light schedule to start just now
  9. Really sweet looking kief Ghost..., what you do with it, smoke it straight or use for extracts ??
  10. Thanks Jimmy, sounds awesome, Santa where will they be , in a testers forum or just the grow journal forum ?? Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  11. No mate i didn't chose, it was White Lemon they sent me and the hybrid feed, i'm happy with what i got, no complaints here Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  12. MelloJamie

    Powder Feed/Seed Kit -Contest

    This is the kit sent out for the contest...
  13. Woot Woot .. Hi Guys, gotr my kit 10 mins ago, Courier delivery , AND there was a surprise bonus included, if you dont want to know what the bonus is ... Look away now So excited , cant wait to start, i only have 1 tent so i wont be poppin these till i harvest my current grow, 1 or 2 weeks into December for It will be Organic soil mix and of course GHSC powder feed only to see how good it actually performs, although i must say i have heard only good things about it, Guy i know on FaceBook has been using the Sativa powder feed and his lady ( SLH ) looks awesome !! Good luck everyone taking p
  14. Now we have a discussion thread i dont mind sayin im excited and cant wait get started in this contest , dont really have a preference to which seeds i get, what about Y'all , anyone hoping to get a particular seed or just stoked to be taking part ?? My current grow for is ongoing just now, check the link, updating soon
  15. One of my first hydro grows was a DIY Bubbleponics set, i made it with a 5 gallon bucket, 6 inch net pot and a simple air pump and stone from a pet shop, the root system was huge and it gave out a great plant and great buds, also took maybe 2 full weeks off the grow, start to finish. Even more satisfaction cos i put it together myself. I saw it first in the Grow Bible by Greg Green, a copy of which is surely in every growers collection !! All together the equipment needed to make it only cost around £25. Try it out, it's nearly as much fun making it yourself as growing, not quite as much f