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  1. Thanks for all the comments and input guys, its appreciated !! Peace Y'all _\|/_ mellojamie
  2. Hey Judgefudge and BEDZ and of course everyone else who has been popping in to see the journal, Santa Maria, LAMSBREAD, Dust, Stretchnomore, Ambertrichomez, Jimmy and again of course , Greenhouse, Strain hunters and the mods, Jose.gh , Fuzzy right up to Admin, Franco and Arjan, but a special shout to Mr X and Jose.ghwho has also put a significant amount of time and effort taking part and appearing in the forums and of course all the work he and Jose.gh have put into this Inddor Cannabis cup we are all dying to win..lol..:-) , As i have said before though guys, after i finish this grow and start on my cup entry, all you others don't be disappointed if you don't win 1st prize cos i've never been to Amsterdam so i'm going all out for 1st prize in powder feed category, ha ha , there is good runners up prizes though Okay guys, - to business. Those who have followed know i am doing all organic, for the first time, i have usually been a hydro grower, to be specific, bubbler buckets were my thing. The yield with them was awesome but i had always heard organic grown weed tastes way better and the yields are a lot smaller, so there lies the 2 major points to consider, as this is for me and to make some tinctures or similar for my fiancee for chronic back pain i decided yield isn't as important as quality and for me, taste, as i will be using it in the more traditional way- BLAZIN I'm proud to say that i havent used anything non organic yet, and seen as i have only the last weeks left don't think i will. In one of my earlier up dates i think i said i used Canna pk13/14 which obviously isn't organic, my bad, it was Canna Bio Boost, organic enzymes for boosting flower production and it was B.A.C. Organic PK Booster that i used for pk !! So yeah, im happy about that as this has been my whole deal with this grow organic all the way, even using Mycorrizae Bacteria to help estabilish a secondary root system, and i have to say, although it should have been in my last post- when i took the one male out which i had been using bennies and also making some with the compost tea, the root system was amazin, the whole base of the plant was covered when i lifted it out its small 1.5 gallon polypot !! So i can only assume the polypots they are in just now (15l) have the same/similar root system. A quick recap of what i have been using- The soilmix was Bio-Bizz light mix for seedlings and first week of veg, Bio-Bizz All Mix after first few weeks of seedling to veg, Bat Guano (Mexican) Nitrogen High in Veg, Bat Guano (Jamaican) Phos high in bloom, Earth Worm Castings, Blood, Bone and Fish Meal and a sulphate of potash additive for the soil. Elixer, a calcified seaweed, Kelp and other marine plant extract, it has all the micro nutrients, Mag, Cal, Iron, Boron etc etc, over 50 different minerals !! Also some Epsom Salts very rarely and sparingly as i had the Elixer. Some Bio-Bizz organic Bloom and Topmax and the organic PK13/14, Also some Dolomite Lime powder in the soil and in the TEA's before i got Ep Salts, and last but not least some Nitrozyme and Superthrive, mostly for transplants but also 1 drop per gallon in feed, Superthrive is a top notch Vitamin and Hormone liquid and its good imo ! :-) Oh, nearly forgot my wonder addittive, Blackstrap Mollasses, this is a very knowledgable site so i assume everyone knows about mollasses but a quick explo of the use of them is- They are full of sugar which breaks down in the roots and turns to Carbohydrates for the plants, giving them that boost like an athlete on steroids !! It gives them more energy or more use of the energy gained from the plants photosynthesis. Old skool growers swear by it and i got to say, even with a smaller lookin yield, i can still notice the sweeling and solidness of the buds compared to when i didnt use it. As i said in 1'st post, the soil has some Blood, Bone Fish meal and Dolomite powder added to it and the feeding schedule has been compost tea's, incidentally, they just had a feed yesterday, the usual, 1 tspn of Blood,Bone,Fish meal, 1 Tbspn of Bat Guano, phos high, my PK 13/14 and 25 mls per gallon of Calcified seaweed extract and for blance and a wee all round shot of fert, a half cup of EWC which i dont find as strong as the other ingredients so can add a little more, all in a 25l/5 gallon bucket with a hydor air pump for 48 hours, full of foamy micro bacteria, 48 hours is peak time, any less and they arent as much as could be, more than 48 and they start to deteriorate. If there is any tea left after feeding, it can be stored in a fridge, if you have an understanding wife !! I don't so it doesn't go in my fridge so try to make what i can use only !! So here we go with the latest pics- OK , so the Fruit Spirit from Royal Queen is really good lookin and the THC Crystals formaing are amazing, there are parts of the FAN LEAVES !! Yes, the Fan Leaves that are caked, the look as if they have been in the freezer !! As i said before my pictures aint that good cos its a camera fone and as you will all know, the HPS somehow interferes and its like you can see radio waves, although i dont know why this is so i wont try 2 explain it, here is the Fruit Spirit and also some Macro shots of the bud sites although im not sure how well u will see them... And some more bus sites on Fruit Spirit- + Believe me, if you cant see the crystals they are there and they are beautiful !! As i said last update, i added my 135w LED and in past week since last post i have added the 300w CFL i used for veg to the side of the tent, low down, to act as supplemental light for the side Branches, so in these you can see the LED and the CFL.. This one is the GHSC Cheese, with the GHSC Trainwreck in the background and the 300W CFL to the right- In the next 2 , the 135w LED is above the Sleestack x Skunk, unknown seedbank, it was a freebie with an order.. While were on they plants, here is sots of the Sleestack x Skunk top cola's..And here is 2 with Sleestack and also the GHSC Trainwreck- Here the Trainwreck makes another appearance but only coz its next to the nxt subject in line, the GHSC Cheese, Trainwreck (left) Cheese (right) and some more Cheese- And gettin to the end, the marvellous Lemon Skunk, it has shot about a foot taller than the other 4 plants so it sits kinda to the side of the light but still as close as i can get it, i didnt want to lift it higher, further away from the others for the sake of one, so the top cola sits about 1-1.5 inch above the reflector which i really cant see that causing any harm, it still gets loads of light. It started showin flowers well after other plants and it looks less formed so im thinking its defo taking a sativa dom pheno, it has long slender leaves and just looks like a sativa, i even thought they maybe got mixed up when i ordered and gave me Super Lemon Haze, oh, speaking of that, the citrus/lemon smell from it is amazing, its like you just stuck your fingernail in a Lemon to peel it, just rubbing the stalk leaves an intense Citrusy lemon smell, beautiful, cant wait to try it So here is the Lemon Skunk- And to finish off i thought id show where i trimmed off all the lower bud sites and some lower branches, so that the plants keep all their energy for the top bud sites and dont waste it on popcorn buds, also directly in front of the space under the canopy is where my 12 inch floor fan blows, going under all the canopys and moving air and at the exact opposite of the tent is my 7 inch clip on blowin over the top of the plants, so its like a circle circulation, down n under and up and over, i also have a small 6 inch which isnt very powerful so it is just at side of ten, again blowing under the canopy. So lastly, here is the overall view from front of my tent !! Hope you enjoyed !! So , as always peeps, feel free to comment and give opinions or praise lol , or if you feel im doing something wrong or you know a better way, please say so, im not adverse to learning new stuff, in fact i welcome it if it is going to improve any part of my hobby. Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  3. Ha Ha Ha... fookin brilliant, loved reading that, good luck with the grow, lol...The Hermit, i love the fact you thought it would be better to say you were in his garden looking for a Kitchen Knife of all things rather than ask for you're package, Kudos man Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  4. Thanks Guys, Yeah Tokage, that should have said a TEASPOON per Gallon in the brewed tea, and the soil has a little about 3/4 way down the pot so the roots get to it just when they need it most, if anyone follows the recipe above and uses a tbspoon, dilute it a bit before feeding to the ladies !! As we know its a lot easier to top up underfeeding than it is to fix overfeeding !!! Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  5. Thanks Ka4irga.., and Panc justed.., and thanx to all the other visitors and well wishers, Big shout to the Admin and Mods who without them we wouldnt be able to showcase our grow's and share what we do, Certainly cant be entering them in any gardening contests anytime soon in this country without getting . Peace Y'all _\|/_ ps, Anyone know why on the menu for the grow journals, most grows have a hash leaf at the left hand side, some have a blue star and mine and 1 other journal have nothing ?? Just curious..
  6. Hey Guys, been about a week i think so i'm here to update and add some pics, Firstly i must say ' Forgive me about the pics, it's only a shit wee camera fone, unfortunately that is all i have as my absent minded other half left my/our last camera at a wedding we were both at, mibbe she has took the million hints i have dropped about Santa replacing it this year with a brand new camera... Well i can hope anyway !! OK , yesterday i gave the ladies a brewed tea, Mexican Bat Guano, Earth Worm Castings, Blood,Bone and Fish Meal - a Tbs of each per gallon of water, (3 gallons ) in a bucket with an airstone, brewed and bubbled for 48 hrs. I also added some cal-mag and Mollasses (UnSulphered Black Treacle). The top is absolutely foaming, loads of those micro bacterial thingymabobs i have been told are so good for the organic soil. After it was brewed and before it was fed to the plants i added some Organic Bio Bizz Bloom nutes and some Canna pk 13/14. .A few days ago i tied down the bottom branches but its hard to see with these camera pics, the branches have adjusted and turned upwards toward the light while still leaving room for the light to get in to the developing bud sites on the stalks. This is probably the best pic of the bud sites, its on a Fruit Spirit (RQ), The only plant not a GHSC Plant !! And here it is from the top view. And side on view, you can see the bud sites on it's 'Top' developing here. The Cheese and Lemon Skunk both still only have their pre flowers or very little pistils but the plants still look nice and healthy.Here is the GHSC Cheese. And this is looking down on the Lemon Skunk and then its the one in the foreground of the picture after...In the 2nd pic the Cheese is also to the back right hand side. The GHSC Trainwreck , which i topped is growing multiple tops, Incidentally there wasn't height restrictions or anything, just me doing different things, some are topped, some arent and 1 was supercropped, (The 2nd Trainwreck). And here is the view from the front of my tent, the supercropped Trainwreck is the 1st on right after the Lem Skunk, with the Cheese behind. Thats the pictures folks, i also added a 2nd oscillating fan, a clip on 7 inch one, so i have a 12 inch oscillating fan on the floor blowing through and under tha canopy at the exact opposite of the tent is the clip on blowing above the plants canopy and helping to keep them cool from the HPS, As they have got bushier i also added my 135w LED with a 7:1:1 ratio of Deep Red , Blue, White. I had high hopes for it when i got it as i was aloud to specify which spectrum i wanted and chose the Deep Red 660-670nm , but unless it is a real top end model of LED they are only good for supplemental lighting. Dont get me wrong , there are some good producing LED's out there, Fero, Stealthy Samaritan, Appolo etc, just that this isnt one of them. And last but not least i added a Buddy Carbon Filter 290m3/ph to my Ruck/Can fan 260m3/ph extraction set up as it is in my bedroom and the smell was just starting to be noticeable. So again folks , comments appreciated and if i am doing anything wrong or you know a better way to do it feel free to say in the comments, im always open to learning new and better ways of doing what we love. Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  7. Yeah Chronic that's the same with me m8, about 2 weeks into flower on my current grow so once thats done i'll be startin my 'White Lemon' for the contest !! Peace Y'all _\|/_
  8. im sure i saw a grow journal getting started a few days ago, i think it was BhamBhole, opened his package and put the seeds straight into water, i might be wrong though , i will be starting mine in a few weeks when i finish my currrent grow, no room and wrong light schedule to start just now
  9. Really sweet looking kief Ghost..., what you do with it, smoke it straight or use for extracts ??
  10. Thanks Jimmy, sounds awesome, Santa where will they be , in a testers forum or just the grow journal forum ?? Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  11. No mate i didn't chose, it was White Lemon they sent me and the hybrid feed, i'm happy with what i got, no complaints here Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  12. From the album Powder Feed/Seed Kit -Contest

    This is the kit sent for the contest, woot woot !!
  13. Woot Woot .. Hi Guys, gotr my kit 10 mins ago, Courier delivery , AND there was a surprise bonus included, if you dont want to know what the bonus is ... Look away now So excited , cant wait to start, i only have 1 tent so i wont be poppin these till i harvest my current grow, 1 or 2 weeks into December for It will be Organic soil mix and of course GHSC powder feed only to see how good it actually performs, although i must say i have heard only good things about it, Guy i know on FaceBook has been using the Sativa powder feed and his lady ( SLH ) looks awesome !! Good luck everyone taking part, cant wait to see Y'all's Grows' Peace _\|/_ Mello Jamie
  14. Now we have a discussion thread i dont mind sayin im excited and cant wait get started in this contest , dont really have a preference to which seeds i get, what about Y'all , anyone hoping to get a particular seed or just stoked to be taking part ?? My current grow for is ongoing just now, check the link, updating soon
  15. One of my first hydro grows was a DIY Bubbleponics set, i made it with a 5 gallon bucket, 6 inch net pot and a simple air pump and stone from a pet shop, the root system was huge and it gave out a great plant and great buds, also took maybe 2 full weeks off the grow, start to finish. Even more satisfaction cos i put it together myself. I saw it first in the Grow Bible by Greg Green, a copy of which is surely in every growers collection !! All together the equipment needed to make it only cost around £25. Try it out, it's nearly as much fun making it yourself as growing, not quite as much fun but still enjoyable... Peace Y'all _\|/_ Mello Jamie

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