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  1. like dust said still not too good for us foreigners but it will make it a little better for the residents as they will be able to go to their favourite coffee shop instead of being restricted to their local coffee shop
  2. thanks for the tip and another fine pic from mr x,every little helps
  3. welcome to the forum you will find lots of pics and journals to read about different strains have a look through just to see if something catches your eye and grows similar to how your setup works tall small wide etc would love to see pics on how your girls are doing under those leds lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  4. welcome dude have a good look around it is an awesome site everyone is friendly you'll be glad i told you about this place dont forget to post some pics of your girls for everyone to see they are coming on nicely for your first grow lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  5. THANKYOU GUYS you must be mind readers, as i read about the strains the 1 strain that i immediately thought i want that 1 was afgooey and guess what came to my house today afgooey yeay thankyou, as soon as my girls are done not long now i will plant these beutifull babies and keep you informed all the way through to the final smoke test thank you all of you
  6. great post elektro just what i needed for the comp thankyou
  7. greenhouse should do their own super silver exodus super sex for short after all they certainly know their genetics and would no doubt choose the right phenos for another cup winning strain
  8. thank for the info dude will give it a try soon the little things are important
  9. hi dude i dont think they read the date of your first post june 2012 but its friendly of them to say hi just like i am now, how did your first grow go was it as good smokin as it at is growin, did you get that feeling of i did this when you lit that first joint peace from the uk lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  10. hi welcome to the forum dont forget to post a grow journal and some pics for us, if you decide to enter the comp good luck to you lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  11. goodluck in the competion dude im still waiting on the postman i am so jealous this is so awesome lucky strike afgooey go grow some lovely buds for us all to share , lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  12. phayze

    not long now

    harvest day getting closer
  13. welcome to the forum dude lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  14. welcome to the forum dude lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin
  15. welcome dude looking forward to seeing your picks have a look in the faq section i think dust explains how to upload really well he will be along shortly he likes to personally welcome everyone just ask him and he will help you out enjoy the forum a very friendly relaxed place lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin