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  10. Hey guys, im felling in home here Thanks a lot for the words, and im sure i'll do my best to share everthing with this big family!!! Its a big pleasure to me to be here Best regards to everybody
  11. Hello Potent, whats up?? Nice buds bro Jah Blesss!!
  12. Count me in too, cant wait to make part of this amazing cup Congratulations to GHSC for this awesome idea Good luck to everybody!!
  13. Northern Light Blue for now
  14. Hello shiva boom, excellent job bro!! Best wishes for your report Byee
  15. Heyy jimmy, nice kids !! Now is the time to pump them, i wish the best for you and your grow bro Hugs

About us

Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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