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  1. Hey guys, im felling in home here Thanks a lot for the words, and im sure i'll do my best to share everthing with this big family!!! Its a big pleasure to me to be here Best regards to everybody
  2. Count me in too, cant wait to make part of this amazing cup Congratulations to GHSC for this awesome idea Good luck to everybody!!
  3. Hello shiva boom, excellent job bro!! Best wishes for your report Byee
  4. Heyy jimmy, nice kids !! Now is the time to pump them, i wish the best for you and your grow bro Hugs
  5. Awesome and creammy buds Gimme one hahahaha Excelent job, keep doing
  6. Nice buds bro Beautiful and healthy plants!! Gratzzz
  7. Well done sir Im watching you grow bro, keep working Hugs
  8. beronha

    Purple Pot

    Nice pics Congratulations to everybody
  9. Nice growroom bro ;D Gratzzzz
  10. Awesome tutorial Thanks a lot!
  11. Very well explained, good work dude, and thanks for share with us