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  1. Hary420

    quick pics

  2. All other issues aside you guys are just the best........
  3. 'Thanx guys for keeping us poor isolated guys in Australia in touch with what the rest of the world is doing. i simply love your work guys.
  4. Hary420

    Wake and Bake part 2

    Lmao i wanna be there........one day maybe
  5. First class knowledge, respect Franco
  6. Hey Smokey. With humidity id only be using the dehumidifier for lowering the humidity level. You may like it to be a little higher right now but 50% is ok its just not perfect. i believe what most people do is to use dehumidifiers to "dehumidify" the air at end of flowering to prevent mold and help the plants do there thing so you might wanna bring it down a bit then. But for now if you really wanna raise humidity leave a couple of bowls of water in front of one of your fans that works good to raise humidity, its lowering humidity that seems to be the hard thing for people to do. Nice journal
  7. nice work strainhead 30 posts right on the button lol and btw dust John Lennon was cool but im sorta sick of reading the same old quote week after week is the that the only John Lennon quote you know?
  8. hey theres no way i have the required No. of posts but id still like to have a go at this and ill even supply my own seeds i just need the power feeding nuts. Is there any chance on God's green earth i can have a go at this or will i just go back to doin my own thing? By the way, my own thing has been goin just fine for quite a while now just quietly.
  9. hey there buddy dam you your plants are lookin good too
  10. ok guys im in also. hope i made it in time