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  1. Thank you all for sharing on this topic. _STAY HIGH__
  2. Any bay area natives remember smoking this strain? Straight from the bay area medical clubs in the emb area? Anyone? I'm so curious on finding this strain again.
  3. Hemp wick lighter cord, some people say there is no difference. I am a firm believer that buying hemp wick and using it is the least you can do to give back to companies that sell hemp retail. It's very cheap... Anyone's take on hemp wick??? I think its fussy but is worth the taste difference. I'm curious if anyone used to use it and opted to not, either way I think everyone should try it _STAY HIGH_ -CMX
  4. Favorite strain= Strawberry Shortcake. My first experience seeing/trying any medicinal or cannabis club quality marijuana. In San Francisco, very curious if it is a bay area strain or not never heard of it again.... Very hairy sweet taste, Strong stone, me and my friend were speaking alien languages and laughing at nothing lol... Best. Bud. Ever... lol
  5. Thanks so much for the replies! Happy hunting!
  6. Awesome moderators I feel very comfortable on this forum. Thank you all.
  7. I am most curious of the story behind the strain known as "purple haze" The original, the old wive's tale that the original strain was lost... Is that a valid story?? Is there any type of strain that retains the same genetics? Very curious. -Happy strain hunting! _CMX
  8. Beautiful pics all around! The hash looks like it made for a great smoke CHEERS!
  9. Hello I am a rapper that likes to spread the good word about the good herb, I want to be a voice for the cannabis plant as my ultimate goal, no matter how long I fight for it. I believe the greed of the world is keeping cannabis out of the ground and we need to preserve every strain of medicine we can. I am @STONERNATION on twitter. I am 28 and have been smoking for 18 years lol Just a dude who likes to get high. _STONERNATION_ Thanks for reading! -Chief Megatron X
  10. I'm psyched on this, first post*If we just registered are we still valid? I just registered and am posting when do we know when the free seeds run out lol TY #STRAINHUNTERSROCKS