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  1. I'd say the Skunk. The holy Skunk. Also, if you make the oil, dont use naphta or those other chemicals. Rick Simpson claims that the healing effect of cannabis outweighs the poison of the naphta, but im not so certain... Take olive oil. CBD and THC are lipids... That means they dissolve in fat. Olive oil is fat. Heat the buds in the olive oil, Au-bain-marie, To make sure you dont overheat it. Let the water boil for an hour and then filter out the plant material. You will be left with a super potent oil. Dont give your mom too much in the first go, because, contrary to what Rick Simpson says, I
  2. Yesterday, I found a note in my mail. "we were unable to give you your package, so we gave the package to your neighbours on number 51" Oh... My... GOD!! Why not 53 or 49? on number 51 lives "the Hermit" and I've nurtured a fear for that guy since I was 5 years old. The big decision. Do I get my package... Or do I just throw the towel in the ring. Safety first... Sure I can grow a delicious marijuahana tree... but what good is it if the Hermit kills me? And After serious thought, I figured there was a good possibilty that the Hermit would take my life if I ever rang his bell. I formulated a pl
  3. YEASH, Got mine in. Got the white strawberry skunk. woohoo! But how are we to post these journals... do you want us to start a thread and update that one the whole time or something? or do you prefer a file or a... power point presentation or whatever is possible.
  4. Today white widow... nothing special.
  5. You can buy rolling paper on a roll... So you have like 2 meter of rolling paper, haha... My mate got me roll once and I got HOOKED! Im gonna try to pass the 1 meter tonight... i'll post a pic
  6. I like the airbubble idea... Then we dont change the plant, we just create a synthetic environment. Then we can use it for underwaterwater, underground and in space And that plant Tokage... OMG! With a couple of years you can chance the plant even more. It's exactly what I meant.
  7. Good to know I put your mind at ease, mate. See you in Amsterdam.
  8. Roeland


    Arjan sees the bill.... The guy thinks: Alors on danse!
  9. I was actually wondering about the size... Not the architectural possibilities. Spinning huge joints is a hobby of mine and I was wondering if you guys did the same. haha But that thread you posted is a damn awesome thread.
  10. Whats the longest joint you ever rolled? On the internet there are a load of people claiming the world record... However, I've seen bigger... Some of them roll joints you cant smoke, and then claim to have rolled the biggest joint. In my opinion, a joint is per definition smoke-able... If its not, its just a roll of paper with tabacco and weed. My personal record of the longest joint was 96 Cm... After packing. We were aiming at 1,20m. The joint was smoke-able from the first hit, so it counts... What is your record?
  11. Sick drawing skills.... +rep for the skillz
  12. Roeland

    cannabis job?

    Haha working in weed... Well, its kinda illegal Working in a coffeeshop in Holland is LAME... I've done it. Sure you can smoke weed the entire time, But you are practically running out the clock anyways. You still want to go home and smoke weed. The only truly FUN jobs in weed... is strain hunting or growing. If you are a good grower, smokers will pay you money for good weed. If you are a strain hunter, you probably work for a seed bank. But that job... well, what can I say... We all want that... I would even give up smoking weed, to become a proffesional strainhunter... That's how much im wi
  13. Yeah, WHEN I give information... I GIVE information.
  14. Yeah exactly. We need wild ideas, big dreams and high bars. Who knows where it might lead to. We have to keep developing. But we are stuck in creating strains that make us freaking high. We have to create strains that dont show up in urine tests, strains that grow in impossible places, strains that look different, so police dont recognise. Maybe a strain that only gets you high when you mix it with something else... like a two component joint. We have been way to passive in this fony war on weed.