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Everything posted by URBANNINJA

  1. Well i was at kashmir lounge and the hashes they had was quite the best what i saw in dam.... could propably be that they got a bad batch of hash.
  2. Name and Shame the Shop if u remember it... cause ive never had some Bad Hash where i shop in Dam. First time i hear this but as we all know some Black Sheeps are everywhere especially where Buisness is made
  3. yeah at the cup there was no strawberry on the menu it was louds 7/8 instead of it on the menue.... well due to the news from the netherlands that the voting to ban weed over 15% thc out of the shops i will make some trips over before july for sure.
  4. Well its on the menu since months think its one of their common Strains on the Menu.
  5. one word.... Chocolope... a gd 99% Sativa and im still wondering why dams coffeshop offer this as a Indica....
  6. Dust at Voyagers its from Devils Harvest Seeds and one of the only real Strawberry Tastes beside the Haze from Gh.
  7. Favorite Hash defo the WW Cream its such a uplifting and Tastey smoke.... well Weed oh my days i would say Place 1 is a tie between Kosher and Strawberry Sour Diesel. But almost all Strains were really gd as we always Hunt for the Best in Town
  8. Nah Dust u was Rigth it was My Bday yesterday hehe Thanks to all of You and finaly im home so letzt start that Budporn in the Thread ....... here we gooo
  9. Stoill recruitin for the Clan on Bo 2 and Ghosts on x box we wanna mash up the clan wars at ghosts with a stoner team !!!
  10. Ahhh stop hold on i changed the names of the shops... kashmir lounge was the one with the red lebanon ... at katsu we got excellent ice o lator here is a link to the menu didnt changed much since the last entry on cofeshop menues..... http://coffeeshopmenus.org/Kashmir%20Lounge/Menus/Kashmir%20Lounge.html they also have red lebanon + which is the better quality in my eyes
  11. So today is the Final Day/Night we are here in Dam. Im Celebratin into my B day Later at the Voyagers and hopefully when we reach the Midnight Hour im Stoned Like wha and Slide Happy into my 34....... tomorrow back home to Germany with one Laughing and one Crying eye.... Well the Day Started gd with some Amnesia Wax and a Cople of Laughflashs at the Balcony of our Holiday Flat
  12. You can find some Excellent Lebanon ed and Yellow one at Katsu Lounge near Albert Cuypstraat.... At the moment some of the more Local visitors Shops which are a bit in the Outskirts of the City.
  13. Hi Dust.. Gonzo... Dust i tried several Apps but i think the Wifi over here is modified in some options...Gonzo yeh they have a nice Dabbing and Perculator Bong selection there.... Today it was Coockies Time again and my Mate scouted some Proper Nice Super Silver Haze Amazingly Cured and the Price of it was Bäm.... now its Footie time and some Beers gd Food and Jays beside Slowly time is runnin to Ninjas B day Bash.....
  14. Off for Testing Tuesday at Voyagers Shop..... its getting bit the Kushninjas Homebase inna Dam .... i tried now with several apps to connect my Phone with the Laptop to get u all the Budporn but it doesnt work over here.... so sry all the Budporn and Hashporn will come Saturday asap when im Home again....and now off to the City for another Stoners Day.....
  15. Dudes first of all the Amnesia Haze is not really from Soma.... Its from Hypro.....I think the pics will come when im Home i cant connect the Phone with the Laptop over here with the Wifi. @ Dust nah we had some Afgooey some Gh Ice, Choclope and the San Fernando Og Kush.. and some Diamond Girl. All of the Buds were really gd cured as always in the Gh. And the Hashes that Cream is out of this world... what a Taste and a nice uplifiting High. Today we gonna make a lil Wax Session at the Voyagers but first Bong Cleaning.
  16. Ok yesterday we had some excellent Burgers at the Lounge ad my Prayers got heard the Cream is back at the Greenhouse... this time White Widow Cream.... also smoked some Afgooey which is Pretty nice in Taste and Hit..... but my Highlight of the Day is defo this Diesel Haze Ice O Lator from Resin Coffeshop...also their Space Cakes are gd well i first really had to behave that i dont laugh bout everything i saw...and then everthing moved in Slow mo...was a Funny Trip...... Today we call it Hasch Sunday as we test the Diffrent Hash varieties we got on our nice Roor Fairmaster which we got specia
  17. Gonzo ..Dust... Oh yeah Dam reminds me theese days of London..Rain wise but we have a lot of fun here..... ok Day 2 a lil Strain Over look and then ill go on for the Bud Porn Pic Session as we just hitted the Flat again..... So today we picked up some... Kosher Kush...Girl Scout Coockies... Shoreline....Greyberry at Grey Area.... Some super nice Lmeon Haze...Burmese Kush....La conf x Kandy Kush.. Super Silver Sour Diesel aka S.S.S.D...... Chocolate Fondue at 1 E Hulp..... Puprle Cheese(Exodus x Purple Haze) at Blues Brothers .... so now a big Coockies Spliff and on to the Pic shooting session
  18. Ok Team Kushninjas is 10 Days Budhunting in Dam and i thought we will bring you All a nice Strainrewview and Smokerport with hopefully smoke funny Stories outta the Big Bad Dam....... Letz Start with Day 1...First stop as always Voyagers to get some La Confidential...Holy Grail Kush... Big Buddha Cheese...Super Sour Skunk and a freaking gd Marrocan Hash called Tingy...... Pics Coming Asap....
  19. Buuuudporn oh yes it is ....and a nice look back into 2013 also ..... some nice crops were done.... so gd luck to all of you for the Yearly Award!!!
  20. Ah i see Rattatouili made it in the pics aswell it was really a funny time with you guys defo must be Reloaded
  21. Whos in for a round Ghosts or Black Flag on x box 360 ?? I loove thoose Seafights in the Carribian
  22. Emerald Cup is an Amazing Event.... last Years entrys were out of this World.....Kinda Jealous the Team can try all this gd Genetics.... And for Mr X . Gd Luck for the Photo Competition sure U deserve a top Place!!!
  23. Ohhhhouuu my vote defo goes to that Beautiful Pink Kush ...... what a lady.... gd work
  24. Off Course here is the Official Fb Page of the Shop.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffeeshop-Berlin/1438844326335057?fref=ts