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  1. I think you have build some bad karma with nagging to me that it was a bad idea to move my plants. And that resulted in you needing to move all your plants:P Haha no just kidding. I'll drop by soon to see how the lady's are doing;)
  2. Haha no sorry, these are really the last ones. Wiethoofd is dropping by in a few minutes, en when he leaves he is taking this lady with him. Secretly I'm going to miss them.
  3. Okay, I lied before, this is really going to be my last post here:P
  4. I'm going to follow you, I like that you use led too. Have a good grow.
  5. Probably the last pictures I will post in this topic. The last remaining lady is happy flowering. And she reached 38 cm.
  6. Haha I asked in Dutch beacause I'm not sure about the english word? Is it called cropping? But in Dutch that word has two meanings, one is indeed thieves and the other i'll explain now. With tomato plants you take out that 'branch/leaf thing' which has a circle around it at the photo below, they 'steal' the plants energy that she oterwise would use for the crop. I asked if he's planning on doing that with his plants.
  7. Haha, no I haven't done anything to her.I give her only water. Wiethoofd uses a different brand for feeding, so I tought i stop feeding. Maybe it is a bit easier for the plants to switch feeding. A lot of the branches are purple tough. It isn't very cold in here, so it's a bit odd.
  8. What light source does gerhard actually, or does he use a flash? I'm just curious: P And one lady is still standing in my tent, wiethoofd is still in Amsterdam, there was no time anymore to move the other. Beautiful pictures like always:) Ga je deze ook dieven?
  9. My parents are going to visit me, they need to do some stuff near the city I live. They don't leave the surroundings where they live not very often, so if they do they want to drop by, so I couldn't refuse it.
  10. I have only two plants in a 60 x 60 cm tent, so I think that isn't the problem. And there is a small fan pointed at them. I use 11 liter pots. I haven't measured the ph levels, the cheapest i found was around 30 euros. But I will now explain my decision to give my plants to wiethoofd. They are already 8 weeks old, and in two weeks my parents are coming for an annual visit. I live on 14 square meters so i can't hide them, and i don't want to risk a fight with my parents. They help me financially out with my study. And in the past they already got very upset when they discovered when I got a lip
  11. They aren't growing fast. I haven't feed them the last week(s). I gave them only water. But how can I cut back on the N value?
  12. Here are some pictures in normal light. I don't know if I should keep the plants or not, I've lost my faith a bit.
  13. Today I put my exhaust together. And i took a quick picture of the plant, they are really extraordinary right now:p
  14. Wauw i need to say, the lay out is really great. It looks very neat. And i really like the pictures. Have a good grow!
  15. Haha thanks lamsbread, funny you know more about my light than I do. But ladies aren't so happy anymore as they used to. I don't know what's the problem, I mounted my light higher i hope that helps.