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  1. HI Guys - Please Help. I am only using powder feeding - hybrids - this is happening on odd plants not on all of them. Leaves mainly at the top - photosynthesizing- I pulled these off today but if I do then it seems others just twist. The main problem seems to be rusting ? I wonder if it isn't the powder feed - because it never happened before
  2. Well Done Dude - Your results look epic. Nice Strain Hey - I just harvested my first one - Nice grow and report - good luck in the cup
  3. Things are much better haven't found any more seeds - sorry about the lack if pics I promise soon. Damnesia clones looking epic and almost ready to go - they are very hungry I have noticed. Peace Kali
  4. thanks guys - im feeling really bleak about the seeds and I still have 30 days left - at least - damn im sure the smoke will be fine - but yield will go down and ag who knows - this has never happened to me before - the funny thing is I cant find the hermie - so it must have blown in with all the wind we have been having or something - maybe I will still find the little lady man - If I do its the wringer for him/her.. anyway this feels like a disaster - this grow has taken so long to get to this point with all the setbacks and dialing in of rooms to have it go pear shaped now actually makes me
  5. I have found seeds on some of my plants - tiny undeveloped but seeds. I am so depressed I cant see how this could have happened - never has before
  6. My New Nick is samplehontas lol - sampled myself into oblivion last night - - )
  7. Hi Smokey - The room tops out at about 33 degrees Celcius - its tricky - I am hoping to buy a freestanding aircon this year. Update all plants doing well - Damnesia clones looking healthy - Moms looking unbelievable - really. 4 old moms close to the end -all looking good - the calcium def really hurt the BB - I can tell because the new ones look insane - The cheese is looking good almost ripe - the flowering ladies all green lush and gorgeous. Had a problem with my camera battery so will take pics as soon as its fixed.. Guilty confession - I have been sampling heavily off the one plant and so
  8. Thanks for dropping by Mopman and Smokey - Temps insane in the Cape att the moment - 38 + outdoors so temps doing their thing indoors - hope the effect is not too serious. Inching along
  9. I am so going to grow the White Lemon - it looks frikking epic - nice work bro - better results than I would have thought possible with the size... Peace Kali
  10. Epic Nice looking grow Bro - damnesia is looking killer and the wss - I hope you get to taste her Defs an evil weed cat lol. nice pictures as well. peace Kali
  11. Sorry I missed your post Dust - maybe 2 more weeks maybe a little longer - I am thinking of starting them on ripen next week maybe
  12. I knicked a small sample of the cheese for testing - I know its not ready but things are pretty dry around here
  13. Yah - Smokey these are some very serious student s you have there they are taking well to the training. Looking great. Keep it up.