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  1. Kit received 10 White lemon and 1kg Hybrid power feed
  2. 3 weeks 5 days Flower - Flushed and now using PK13/14 to try and combat phosphorus issues
  3. yeh mate i understand the PH goes up in Flowering i was at 5.8 and moved up to 6.0 and that it needs more P & K in flowering possible move to 6.2? i have been givin plain water once a week everyweek so i dnt think its salt build up i have been giving Phosphorus mono nutrient with my usual feed to boost the P, the problems seems to av stopped but im open to any other suggestions
  4. i also choose to give plain water once a week everyweek this could also have caused some vital elemnts to be washed away? but i then usually increase the feed E.C my PH is 6.0 in coco
  5. Started noticing a slight purple colour to some of them stems after some research and checking my PH , which was fine i have put this to Phosphorus def. the ratio of the feed NPK(mg) are as follows 15+7+22+(3.6) seems great on the nitrogen and potassium , but really low on phosporus and i dnt really know why. anyone got any input? P and K in relation are not close compared to Pk13/14 for example i have since added mono nutrient of phosphorus to try n fix the problem will keep you posted pics to follow
  6. alrite mate cheers for the comment, they were from clone, i have a exodus cheese mother in my veg tent 2 weeks to get roots 5 week veg under 300 blue CFL i have since gone to 250 HPS in my veg tent so will probably knock down veg time to 2 weeks roots and 4 weeks veg, maybe less may require a little flurescent now tho as HPS mayb to strong to make cuttings
  7. cheers mate, fan is wrong way because its on max setting which is kinda to strong for direct airflow, tends to hammer one plat and not touch the other. The rotate function broke so that not an option so i turn it round n aim at the tent wall, this forces the airflow back onto itself, but around the fans frame, which creates air flow right and left giving both my plants good airflow, and air circulates the whole tent
  8. 2 Weeks flower today- on this day every week i give plain water, back to feed tomorrow
  9. 2 weeks flower tomorrow pics to follow was using 3.7g/5l for week 0-1 4.2g/5l for week 1-2 #powder feeding hybrid
  10. ill av the tattoo no worries, got loads anyways, but i live in Britain, how is the discount going to work for me ? discount on seeds and powder feeding ?
  11. This is my Exodus Cheese, i am late strating this journal as they are allready 1 week 5 days into flower, but i thought its better late than never. I have been using powder feeding hybrid throughout and using a dimmable ballast with HPS. 1st week of flower -250 watts 2nd week of flower 400 watts This will be my plan now until week four(4th) when i will move up to 600 watts, then again on week six (6th) to 600 overdrive which is apparently 630 watts. all comment are welcome let me know what you guys think picture only shows one outa the two really , will do some update soon with picture of bo
  12. no land races no.... but im sure half of wales would invite you into their homes ha ha , promise no walking for miles, even get a brew
  13. yeh they seem to be the new thing , dimmable is a usefull tool to have . Plus the over drive function for the last couple of weeks is great, got mine from adjusta watt http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADJUSTA-WATT-DIMMABLE-DIGITAL-BALLAST-660W-600W-400W-250W-SETTINGS-/280863440433?pt=UK_HomeGarden_Garden_PlantsSeedsBulbs_JN&hash=item4164c3fe31
  14. very nice mate and well documented. tried an auto recently for the first time just.... was nice smell n smoke just not to much of it, whas the paradise auto wappa. defo would od it again and maybe give it better position in room, as most of the space was taking up by my 2x normal exodus cheese plants. it only made 10 dry grams, of real nice bud. Just wondering wha you hoping for on each of your, or each diff strain? anyways nice lookin girls, could you take a photo through a magnifying glass? lets see them trichomes