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    Plant a seed, wait for rain and wish for weed!!!!
  1. Updated top post with some pic's.
  2. I would use them as mothers for cut's but got Big Budha Cheese and Anesthesia F1 that's more my thing. There like 3 months old grown and keept little under the Secret Jardin TN 2*33w 6500k Sry for being in the wrong section -.- stupid me >.<
  3. That yellowing was de begining, bet ur stem is puple to? No nuts, just ph6 water not to much and hope they will recover. If not u killed them O.o by nuts or ph or ec to high in the soil u use, there not mature plants, just babys
  4. -ph ur water to 5.5 - 6 tho if u give water.
  5. Ur plants look a bit yellow, maybe to much water, maybe a to high ec in ur soil. I would wait with nuts cuz they dont need any right now, wait till there a bit bigger and have more roots. Hope u get them nice dark green bro!!! Have fun and good luck.
  6. The fight arena will be a Secret Jardin Ds60. Equipped with a Ruck, Rk-125-L 330m3/h 70Watt/0,3A. A 190m3 Can Lite carbonfilter. (Wanne upgrade to 350m3 after this round) No active intake. And a small vent. The 250w Philps Son-T Pia Plus Ardo Master is hanging on 2 Easy Rollers and is running on a normal creap ballast. The plants are 4 Amnesia cut's in 11liter pots in a all mix by Bio Bizz mixed with Sannie's Symbiosis Mycorrhiza (7gr a pot) and 2 Sannie Buffer Tablets. During the fight they will get Sannie Bacto, Bac Bloom, Bac pk and Plant vitality Plus. Lets fight!!! (I'll try to update eve
  7. thx for reply's guys. At Dust : u can play golf with them >.< frikkin hard and compact. At Tom : if u have questions, maybe we can help. At Moo : fem seeds i got like 100 more but so many diff pheno's -.- u go crasy, it's a very nice smoke tho every time a diff tast but for growing it sucks. Next round is gone be emporium cheese (also fem seeds) hope i dont get the same problem -.- els i need a bttr seed bank Round 3 is gone be for the cup, white lemon/exodus cheese. Round 4 i'm planning to mother a k.o. kush (killa kush / herijuana) and Anesthesia (afgani x skunk / herijuana) rly hop
  8. Some pics from last 2 weeks. The last pic is fom 2 plants but i smoked like 40 gram >.< so it should be 135 >.< Got 4 down now, 5 to go, 2 are dry, and got 135 gram from them.
  9. Day 104. At day 96 i cut 2 plants, dryed them for 10 days and got 135 gram. Another 2 i did yesterday, and are now drying. Got 5 more not bad for 60 a 70 cm high plants. The last pic would be 135 if i didn't smoked much >.< hahahahahah
  10. A few more. (bttr cam now) First 2 pic need 2 a 3 weeks more. Second 2 are 1 a 2 weeks away from harvest. And the last 2 are going down in 7 days. The only get water when there rly dry and nothing more.
  11. hahahahah get a samsung galaxy s3, has a GOOD cam on it >.< but here are some bttr pics. The first ones are of the plants i wanne flower 2 a 2 weeks more from now. The mid are 1 a 2 weeks away from harvest. And the last ones gone go down a week from now. The main problem with nice weed is almost everybody harvest 2 early for my taste. I think it's bttr to go a week more then a week to early!
  12. Week 10 now of flowering, day 64 >.< i found two buds with budrot bought a humidifier and got the humidity between 35 and 45% with lamp on or of, the temp is 25 with lamp on and 20 of so hoping not more buds whill get it cuz i think some need 2 a 3 weeks more -.-
  13. No more nutes, temp with lamp on 25 and 20 of, the humidity between 35 and 45%.
  14. Week 14. 10th week of flowering now, i found my second butrot -.- this one was not as far as the other one so i removed the beginning brown and the rest is drying now. Als i think my breeder got to high when he sold me the seeds -.- cuz i got some plants that not rly look like a ssh also they look more rdy then the other ones, just look at the pics, (sry bad cam next time there bttr) the first ones are of the (I think ssh) and the other ones of the other strain i think >.<