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  1. Of course LSD effects everyone different. For those who's mind knows how to handle the substance it can be just as beneficial as cannabis. 1. You get so high you don't need any other substance. This is true. If your floor surfing for a crack hoot or looking for cannabis an the floor just drop some LSD. 2. It leaves you spiritually awakened and you don't crave substances as much. This is true. They have even found that in the right environment it can help recovering alcoholics. 3. Cluster headache sufferers this is the true cure! This is true. Mushroom have also been known to be beneficial but LSD takes the cake! 4. LSD is the best chemical on the planet for getting high. This is true. It is the least known toxic drug for getting high on the planet. It even has less of a toxic rating the Cannabis or mushrooms. 5. It has been studied on mental illness patients and for some it actually does work in helping the mental illness. For some it does not work, some it can be the most beneficial drug on the planet more so then the cannabinoids that have already been proven to help mental illness. 6. It can bring peace and love for the rest of your life. OF course everyone is different but GOD DO I LOVE LSD! oh number 7 i forgot to mention. It's the cheapest drug to get high on you can find. If you actually know your not putting your life in the hands of dirty chemists. I am sure no legal forces would agree because no war=no government. They won't regulate it only because they want war! How many more lives need to end? NONE! If you take in all the analogues of LSD! How about focusing efforts on drugs that will end wars? Your government won't allow it. If this was the case which it is because i know in my country more then 90% of the food money goes to drugs. with lsd you can make it 10% but no one really cares! That is why you have planes dissapearing and shit. AT least on LSD you think you at least know what happened to shit. I'll drop it over any substance in a heartbeat. I guess that's why i'm always lucky dropping acid.
  2. Do as thy Will, there is no other law besides simplicity. As for the Nature part I got nature to pay me for being the whore, not the other way around. I like it because I can do anything. Life seems to treat you better when you got it. Just like when you got weed. Or even better, Good LSD when women say I will fuck you for your acid. I would rather give them a hit and do it with them that way everyone is happy and only nature treats Satanism better then any Wicca.
  3. Not all Satanism is the same. I can go to bars and get Woman to pay me for the sex so nature is using me as the whore.
  4. The liberty caps are the weakest amongst the psilocybe bearing species. psilocybe azurcescens are the strongest but also the hardest to grow. The easiest ones to grow indoors are the psilocybe cubensis. Don't grow the liberty caps they suck. There are many kinds of cubensis all with different slightly different characteristics. The light from a black light has mutated a cubensis strain and you can get cubensis mushroom spores that grow white mushrooms like the ones in the food store.
  5. If you are profiting off it someone is going to know. Even if your friends know they are still bound to tell someone. Psilocybin Mushrooms are sacred. The hallucinations come from within your own mind. Own mushrooms, own yourself. Don't let anybody take advantage of you.
  6. Best way to grow it is if no one knows about it. Keep it key and you keep ur freedom.
  7. Metallica no. Though I did put some of my rituals I do up on youtube but they took them down. They must have been 100% effective and youtube is scared of it getting it the hands of the public. I will be doing a grimoire recreation spell that is written in blood and selling it for thousands of dollars. I never named the grimoire it was like an outside spirit telling me what the name should be only what the spirit says it should be. It has the name. If it whispers it into you. Hail Satan!
  8. No kidding. Reading this has made me want to go suck on a titty. Cannabinoids have always played the most important role in the development of life. Blocking all the cannabinoid receptors in the human body would ultimately mean your death. They control and regulate almost everything in your body. What most don't know getting cancer is from cannabinoid receptor malfunctions.
  9. WARNING! THIS POST MAY CONTAIN BLACK MASS MATERIAL! WARNING! Even though I am a Satanist (not a Laveyan Satanist.), I like his black mass, I, simply don't acknowledge it. I find it a weak ritual. I think all religions are fascinating. When I practice ritual Satanism I don`t even acknowledge another religion even exists. It is so easy to mock another religion. Any Satanist can do it. Most religions do it at some point, I know it`s sad. It even causes war. Though I don`t mind war for some reason even though I am an ex soldier. I didn't join the army to make friends, I went there because I wanted to fight. Below Is the lord Jesus's prayer mocked just from me trying to mock it...because im bored, not because I use it in black mass. I simple don`t practice that in ritual. If I did use it in ritual it would explain that I am bored of my religion. You may use it as ritual if your bored of being a Christian or simply bored of your religion. WARNING! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT A SATANIST! Hail Satan, who art in Hell Lucifer be thy Name Thy inferno come thy will be done on earth as it is in hell Give us this night our daily demons And lead us into darkness forgive those not who trespass against us And lead them into Hell Hail Satan! I was raised by Christians. Here is a bedtime prayer they taught me I have mocked. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord, My soul to reap. When I die before I wake, I pray to satan! My soul to take. Hail Satan!
  10. I have never seen an angry stoner either. When I was in school I know my friends would always smoke it before a fist fight. I noticed that those that smoked it before a fight ended up winning more then those that didn't smoke it. I am sure not being angry helps some win in fight situations. I'm sure it helps take the pain away from getting hit to make you hit harder.
  11. Thanks for bringing up the left hand path. I Don't see Satan or God as a power that exists outside of myself. Its complicated but I will do my best to explain. I don't believe Satan exists outside the human mind. Animals have no concept. I am sure your Satan is different then my Satan. I don't see Satan as the deceiver but the one that can eat the things I don't like. I have helped Satan eat. I have powerful rituals and magick to hurt others that want to harm me or have harmed me. I have power to do whatever outside the constricts of the human body. I am only as powerful as the dark lord that exists inside myself. The mind can unlock unknowing Magick. The bible says satan was jealous of mankind and tricked us. Satan wants what you have. In a way the bible is right, except there is no satan that wants you. It is a Myth. Only you have to want the left hand path. I don't mind sharing power, only If it is used to complete the same goal. Except there is no goal I have I cannot complete myself. Hail Satan!
  12. I am pretty angry, Though as soon as I light up marijuana I am automatically happy. I got mad at something and to solve it I smoked marijuana. I no longer feel mad. This plant has so many benefits! Has anyone came up with an exact number as to how many benefits there are? If not we could start one somewhere!? , I'm looking for numbers but what benefit has it had for you?
  13. Bashing someone is to say their belief isn't a path. I know it wasn't you Lams and I thank you for your posts. Blessings on your marijuana adventures. I didn't quote because I believe that person will want to change their post in the future or at least think different after gaining some spiritual maturity. Keep your stick on the ice! (the path in this case.) I will always fight for marijuana as being a religious practice. If that is not a path I don't know what is, besides my other individualistic satanic practices. I think everyone has a path & find it almost humorous when someone says your not on your path. Don't they have a life? I have never bashed other religions in my individualist practices except when they bash me first.. I just simply laugh because their practices will never effect me besides the power I have to destroy them.. If your bashing someone's religion/path/cult first that means you have weak religious practices.
  14. YOu have to understand there are different types of Satanism. Being an individualistic Satanist it can be a path and you can indulge in healing artistic rituals. Individualistic Satanism is the most powerful type of Satanism because it leaves nothing that exists or can exist out of its practice. Drugs, alchemy,sex, guns, knives, statues with demon horns, healing, blessing, curses, mushrooms, weed, lsd, whatever you want.. Most are blind to this and don't understand. That is because most individualist Satanists tend to stay underground and you are lucky to hear one speak. They only follow what they want and not what someone says it is. It is because...You as an individual are the most powerful source for your spirit then anyone can say. I hope this clears everything up for everyone that has bashed me about it. I'm sure anyone that is an individualistic Satanist has learned more from it then anyone can teach them. There is no church in this type of Satanism. There is only a path. Those that said it isn't a path, I will destroy you.
  15. Cannabis can be a big part of spiritual practices. Taking care of anything helps heal the soul. Like it or not you can make your own religion/belief out of cannabis just as much as the mushrooms cults did back in the day. Hemp was used in biblical times i am sure it's use dated before 5000 B.C. There had to been a religion/cult made out of it at some point in history.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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