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  1. wish u was my lady baby hahahaha
  2. Lookin good man big fan of Barneys
  3. Mar-Tay

    AK47 cured for month

    lovely lovely lovely:)
  4. Mar-Tay


    very nice! always a fan of AK.
  5. Mar-Tay

    CAM 0408

    so jealous! looks amazing shows ya can't beat a bit of sunshine
  6. Mar-Tay

    IMG 1777

    looks great brother. thinking of doing the same to my potential MOM
  7. Mar-Tay

    IMG 1781

    the diesel and one 2nd from right have such broad leaves gimme that light says they looks great partner bless!
  8. brilliantly fat cola my man looks fantastic and healthy peace
  9. Mar-Tay

    IMG 0012

    really looks great not much trimming needed
  10. Mar-Tay

    IMG 0007

    looks more than nice. keep it up
  11. Mar-Tay

    L.A Cheese