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  1. Sounds good I'm certain you'll notice her come around in a few days. Good luck
  2. Hey Dessie looks like your DWC girl is suffering a little and can't give you the exact reasons since there are a lot of variables when your trying to diagnose problems in your grow, especially DWC. I just wanted to be able to answer your original questions from the start of your post. Question 1. How long do I have to grow in the vegetive state before switching to flower if growing from seed? "all depends on the size of your room, the size of your DWC containers and also the strain your growing. I find your average kush's or indica dominant strains are easier to manage in DWC since they don't stretch as much when flipped into 12/12 and typically slow around week 3-4. just my opinion but it's a tough question to answer really" Question 2. How much water do I need in my bucket while still a seedling? "I usually pre-vegged in 3" rockwell cubes in a nursery tray under T5's and waited for roots thru the bottom before I transplanted into net pots and into my systems. you don't want your cubes or medium to stay saturated or wet 24/7 in DWC since it promotes problems in the long run" Question 3. How much nutes if any do I need to feed a seedling in a DWC system? "i'm a believer in a little goes a long way. when they're cuttings and I transplant them into my system I kept the EC anywhere from 0.5-0.9. good quality nutrients are important too :)" Question 4. Do I still need to dry out my roots 3 times after flushing in a DWC system(extra oxygenated water from the airstone)? "your roots need to stay hydrated and never allow them to feel dry. like I said previously make sure that your cube or medium does not stay saturated or wet 24/7. I always kept my water level "tickling" the bottom of my net pot. also later in the flowering stage when my roots have filled the buckets (week 6-8, 12/12) I dropped my water level 1"-2" below the net pot to increase oxygen to the roots and also get my roots "digging" deeper like dirt farmers do when they let their mediums dry during certain flowering stages" Any and all info would help? I recommend visiting which is the Current Culture site. These guys only focus on DWC and have a really good understanding on making really good product. Good luck
  3. good luck with the new grow and i'll be sticking around for good vibes looks like things are off to a great start
  4. unreal photo skills thanks for sharing those and good job with the lemon grow. the colours are awesome
  5. there's no hesitation with the PF nutrients since it's night and day difference in the root performance, and the growth performance. Like I've said before, the only feedback or drawback is the consumption or the amount of PF food any DWC grower will burn through when they drain/refill their systems every 7-8 days. To keep my EC at the rates or recommended values from PF which is basically 1.5-1.8ec thoughout BLOOM, I'll be burning through 700-800ml every 7-8 days in a 175gallon system which I have no problem with when I get the performance Also people have to remember that you can keep your water/nutrients in the systems longer if you'd like, if you have the capabilities to monitor and keep your water temps within the happy range (63-70, some people as high as 72-74 but not me) the only drawback is certain elements being consumed or eaten faster than others which makes your system imbalanced if left a longtime (which is why myself and others choose to drain/refill every week or so). I've ran my systems without a refill as long as 3 weeks before and kept topping up the EC, but I wasn't getting the success or grams=watt that I'm getting now. The plants were still healthy and beautiful but the weight and density was much less. I'll have photos and another update in 2-3 days. I had to remove those shades I installed since they've grown much more vertically since the last photos it was my error since I underestimated the "sativa" growth during BLOOM. I should have kicked to flower when they were an inch or 2 below the cage hehe…. Oh well, it was a growers error
  6. cheers for the good vibes ninja thx bhole, the FBK by SSH is beautiful. love when the colder weather can add all the gorgeous colors he definitely did a nice job this season. i'll be grabbing some FBK seeds after seeing his entry
  7. those close ups of the entries are awesome weather looks gorgeous over there too…. thanks for sharing guys and increasing the jealousy damn hehe….. looks like pure enjoyment over there
  8. really good work flowers are looking beautiful bro
  9. wow…. really nice colour on that flower bomb kush bro beautiful plant and I love when the seasons change outdoors and the plants really take on the fall colouring like the trees and surroundings
  10. all nice entries that flowerbomb kush is dense, tight and nicely cured with great colouring. nice work everyone
  11. as long as I didn't screw up too bad by kicking them late, it should be a VERY good grow dude you gotta see the photos of the tap roots coming out hehe….. WOW
  12. **** BLOOM day 11, more pruning **** All I can say is "WOW" again I looked in the buckets today to make sure all my air stones were working properly and my jaw dropped when I saw the size of the "tap" roots coming out of the net pots. There are a couple net pots that are broken and have been snapped by the growth and girth of these tap roots coming out. This is a 1st for me to see those roots that BIG starting week 2 of flower. I'm actually nervous right now that the volume of roots in my buckets will be too dense for the water to circulate efficiently by the time I finish this Jack grow. Good thing I have a few backup pumps if I burn it out this grow It's a good and a bad problem…. Like I said in the earlier update, I came in and thinned out the tops, and tried to allow as much light as possible to get through the plants. I'm only going to do 1 more big prune/gutting in the middle of week 3 and hopefully by then the plants will be putting the energy into flowers instead of leaves and more branches hehe….. The shades are working awesome, and the A/C and breeze in the room is perfect. The crazy thing about all this, is that I kicked them into flower when they were 2-3" above the tomato cage which I do for most of the strains. But I don't know if it's the strain of Jack I have or the higher EC values I'm running early on that is creating so much vertical growth, so quick! Next time I do this strain of Jack, I'll be kicking 3-5" "BELOW" the tomato cage I've also turned on the remaining lights on the outside of my room which are (12) 400watt HPS. Now that they've gotten over the shock of the 12hr switch, they're ready for the rest. My "bottled" CO2 is set @ 1125ppm and will stay there throughout BLOOM. All we can do is watch now
  13. ****FLOWER Day 8**** Well let's just say it's been pretty impressive how much growth and vertical height has happened in 4 days since installing the shades plus also running a much higher EC than I usually run which is recommended by Powder Feeding. I'm using their calendar this grow with EC values @ 1.6ec starting WEEK 2. Usually week 2 on other foods or even last grow with Powder Feeding I only ran it around 1.0ec. It's impressive there's no overfeed burn, or curling leaves or even burnt tips I had to spend quite a bit of time gutting the insides, and taking most of the bottom arms that weren't going to receive enough light or product small "airy" flowers that waste energy. I was easy on them and only pruned around 15-20% this day, but knew I had to come back and finish "thinning" the top arms of the older bigger fan leaves, plus any smaller sub-branches that would take away energy from the top cola's. Right now here are the nutrients, and additives I'm using during WEEK 2 of Flower. My systems are 175gallons, and I add my additives 1st to see what the EC rises too, then I add Powder Feeding to compensate until I get to my EC target. UC Roots x 200ml House&Garden AMINO x 75ml GH Floralicous Plus x 150ml GH CaliMagic x 100ml POWDER FEEDING "HYBRID" x 400ml That gets me to 1.6ec in my systems, and I've got my PH auto-doser set to 5.8ph with a 0.15 swing either way. Right now with the seasons changing and the winter rain & cold weather set in, my tap water PH has risen to 7.0-7.5 since it's all run-off from the mountains now. The doser has to work a little harder to get the PH down when I drain/refill my systems every 7-8 days, but I haven't had any issue with it so far after 12 months of using them Now to upload a few more photos from pruning yesterday
  14. i'm excited about this strain dust… i was nervous and disappointed on the slower the normal VEG time since it took 7-10 days longer than usual to get the right height and it had a nice healthy environment in my VEG space, but man this strain LOVES "bottled" CO2 it's incredible since it's probably doubled in size in 10 days and the new growth is ferocious haha…. I'm happy about the improvement of putting those small 24" shades on my vertical bulbs also since I've been thinking about it for a long time but thought the shades would be bouncing all over the place from the airflow of my A/C and other fans running but it's all good. this is gonna be a good journal and grow man excited about the next 2 months
  15. cheers dust, i just have to be patient enough for another month or 2 not to open up the paper bag stash haha…. glad you gotta chance to see the journal over here. easier to post and organize on this site keep me posted on your OG grow too Amber thanks for taking the time to read and stick around bro

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