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  1. i did flush them last week then when they did not make any difference i gave them a 1/4 feed 2 days ago and flushed them all today untill the run off turned clear i also droped the light cycle to 11/13 and will keep it like that untill harvest now. im not worried about the 1hr less a day effecting my weigh in because i made over 1oz off the smallest
  2. So 1 of the white lemon dry and curing :) , dried out a tad more and weighs 29.6g and will be curing for 4-8 weeks:)

    1. Gaz


      good luck waiting 4 weeks

    2. budman1988


      cheers mate, will be the hardest part i think lol, i found a seed in it, just one .. i hope its a og kush x white lemon :D

  3. GREAT response from you all i will go ahead and start droping the light cycle to 11h then 10h then go to 9hr if it hasnt made much difference
  4. i know i could believe it to be honest lol that was by far the smallest and not the most compact either. it could have gone and extra 2 weeks but i wanted to try the more head uplifting high aswell. i will upload a video of the weigh in with the cured bud so i can prove im not cheating and playing with the weights lol
  5. title says it all im on a deadline at the moment with the housing coming to see my property and need the plants to mature quicker the plants are nearly at week 9 and mostly clear, i did think the trichomes where looking mostly cloudy but seems to have been my imagination
  6. TOTAL DRY WEIGHT BEFORE CURE.......... 35.7g!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 down 3 to go and that one was smallest!
  7. thanks dude. the room is at 50-60% humidity and does not go over or less at the moment. its just a bit of a put off when you read people saying if you can smell the chlorophyll its not going to end up smelling to good at final result.
  8. will all the chlorophyll come out during the paper or carboard process? can weed be over dry? if it can will the carboard not over dry the weed in cure
  9. thanks for the heads up brother
  10. Hi everyone i have recently chopped the smallest of my white lemon grow and have been drying in a 20 degrees 59% humidity room for the past 3 days, the buds have lost exactly half the wet weight in this short time but the buds are not that bid except the main cola... is this too much weight loss for this amount of time? i have put my smaller buds that are dry that have all of the following.... dry on the outside, look lighter, stems thinner but dont snap. i will take them out the jar every day for 30 mins ...... is this ok? buds smell like grass or hay is this normal for some strains? i have g
  11. its at 50% now i will reset the humidity reader and see what it comes at over 24hr. pics of that one will be uploaded at dry weight
  12. does anyone know if drying in carboard box at normal room temp is ok, i think my house is at around 16-18 degrees
  13. sod it i had to chop down number one in this post, the really frosty one that had mostly cloudy triches and i had a wopping 108.8g wet weight without counting the popcorn nugs is the yeild good? the plant was dry so do i still count 75% weight loss? the popcorn nugs where used for hash
  14. i have just looked at one of my plants and it has seemed to have sped up with the maturing realy quickly. when i started this topic i had only few cloudy, now they are nearly all cloudy with very few clear and quite a few light ambers. will shock ripen this girl at the end of the week