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  1. so that was my first grow with a decent set up. the only notes i could find were brief, here they are:- AMNESIA- stretched too tall, quite dense, lots of chrystals, nice earthy taste, 1.4oz dry. PURPLE- stretched too tall, not very dense, not alot of chrystals, peppery/spicy taste, 0.8oz dry. of course theses notes that i made were based on my grow at the time. im sure i could do it better now, got more light, feed them better, start flowering at the right time, have bigger pots etc.
  2. because the plants stretched loads i had to twist and bend them to fit them in my tent. i also topped one of the purples. here are the final pics of the bud drying in my home made dry box.
  3. ive got some notes that i made for at the time of my grows so i will find them and post them as well, they include weights and tastes etc.... here are the pics of the plants before i cut them down......
  4. hey 'Bam' there were no males here (got lucky). i have a few more pics from this grow to post and then i have a cheese grow to post. i will then post a tangerine dream grow, probably as its own post, and then my current grow (exodus cheese, iced grapefruit, double berry and pineapple chunk) which have about 4-6wks left. here are some more pics of the amnesia and purple shiva......
  5. i didnt document this grow very well but i did take some pictures (not many). i only got a 150w blue cfl with the grow kit, by the time i could afford a red specrum it was kinda too late. the plants had gone 3wks extra in the vegatatve stage so when i switched to 12/12 they stretched loads. here are the pics of the ladys in 1st 1/2 of flowering.....
  6. thanks for the replys guys. those pics were 5 1/2 years old. the plant had no neutrients, just had tap water and was left to do its own thing on my window, hence why i got nothing out of it. so here it is, my second grow. this was from 5 years ago when i was still in the student house. i had purchased a new grow kit so i was expecting to get some smoke. i bought a ds60 tent, 150w blue CFL, biobizz all mix, bio grow and bio bloom. i used boiled tap water which i would leave in an open container for 2 days to let some of the last chemicals to evaporate. thats my kit so here are the pics...... the seeds are from a friend of a friends grow of amnesia and purple shiva haze, i bought a bag of each and got some seeds in there as well. enjoy!!!
  7. my second grow with a new tent and light will be posted here within the week. keep tuned peeps, i do learn and there is an improvement!!!!
  8. didnt add file to last post
  9. she did get hairs towards the end of her life. in the end she just withered and died, alot of ''if onlys'' goin through my mind at the time. so when she wnt i decided to grow more and made a foil liined grow hole.
  10. here she is sitting on the window.
  11. The next picture i found was when the plant was about 2 months old. it grew up on my window sill getting direct sunlight through the net curtains from around 12:00 till 6:00. here she is next to a 2l plastic bottle for size and scale of how big she got.
  12. wow, thats masive. how do i make the picture smaller?
  13. hi folks, its been longer than i said. so here are the first pics of my very first grow. i, like all smokers had aquired a number of bag seed over the years and had the idea of growing them out. i did no research, i had no gear so i found a plant pot in the garden and took some soil from the flower bed (had no flowers, this was a student house) and put the seeds in and watered. a few days passed and i had some baby weed plants. once the seeds had sprouted i moved it from the airing cupboard and put it under a table lamp (yes, a table lamp).
  14. Get in!!! it arived last week but i have only just been able to share the news. white strawbery, hybrid nutes and the king DVD. Cheers GHSco. class act!!!
  15. ive only got a small tent so i cant go above 400w because of heat problems. i have a 200w red and i have a dual 125w hanging downwards, so i actualy have 262.5w red and 62.5w blue. it has worked in the past but i would like to upgrade to newer stuff as all my parts have been aquired with little founds while i was a student.

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