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Everything posted by Levente

  1. An other year passed without our Friend! Smoking for you, Brother!! RIP!!...... Peace&love&THC!!! FULLGAAS!!!
  2. i'd give her an other week bro...
  3. 8 years on STRAINHUNTERS! :party::kingchris::smoke:


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    2. Levente


      The legendary "double dutch", Marcel's favorite!

  4. Today is a sad day, Hunters! We lost a legendary Hunter one year ago, but as you all know, legends never really die! We'll always remember him laughing, joking, talking, smoking! I'll light up this exo for HIM rather than a candle! Fullgas, Brother!!! Rest in Peace, Love, THC!!!
  5. Still hard to belive. He helped and inspired so many of us, if there is carma he must already be smoking with Jah! Rest in peace, BROTHER!!!
  6. You can achive 0.9-1g/w with the lemons!
  7. Very nice Moppy! Are you on the southern hemisphere?
  8. Aero cloner Bro! In optimal conditions they root in a week.
  9. Thanks a lot Jan, Mykol! As a great kush fan I enjoy it a lot! Thanks god all clones rooted, so i will have backup of nice frosty nugets just like this!
  10. You can also feel mango and levander tones... some find it like forest fruits...
  11. Taste is complex and seems to improve a lot by some time. You get some kushy taste with berry tones, real pleasure to smoke!
  12. Thanks a lot, Bro! Come over and do so! I've cut 20 clones from 4 kush moms for outdoors !
  13. Nice report Mykol, enjoy! I agree with Dust, will be excellent for waterhash just like the fbk, and also becouse the resin stalks on the kushes are generally shorter than on others, and break break off easier this way! And so strong!! Have a nice relaxed evening! Peace
  14. Thanks for watching, i will shortly post pictures of the dry tops of the Kush 2!
  15. Kush 2 Still had a long way left...
  16. Day 56 I chopped the tops of the Kush 3 so I could flip 1 more kush...
  17. day 47 The difference in ripening is very visible...
  18. End of week 4. Plants developed a lot in the past 2 weeks. But from the burnt leaf you can be sure that they are the same plants!
  19. Finally they were moved into the floweringroom!!! You can see the Kush 3 was put on the pot of a Wlemon