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Everything posted by Levente

  1. Right before 12/12 so u can judge the size... first the GH Kush 2, then the Kush 3
  2. Kush 2 after being transplanted into the final pot.
  3. The 2 phenotypes side by side:
  4. They started their lifes in jiffies like the ones on the picture, and later into those 6L black pots u can see.
  5. I just spotted that you wanted to get them done by 15th april... i belived it was end of april...anyway... I was lucky enough to recive this time in time, but wanted them big and fat, and the better pheno seems to take longer, so i just managed to have that second kush chopped and dried. Probably there is a third pheno as well, but as the other gh kushes from seeds still blooming or in veg, I can not tell you much more yet... I will rather add info later when they are done. Conditions: Veg first in small pots, then into 6L under 400 MH+ 200 dual Cfl, transplanted into 35-40 L pots 7-
  6. Will surely take some time to get used to it! We had been using the old one since the beginning (over 6 years now) and some functions were very dated and a pain in the ass to deal with! Loving the look of the galleries and the uploading! My cus is a programmer and maybe 2 weeks ago when he was watching me fucking around uploading he offered me to get programme for easier upload in exchange for a couple g... That seems to be spared now! thx Admin
  7. Galleries are wicked and new uploading saves a lot of time!
  8. Looking good bro! Thanks for your effort! And yeah, I hope that nice chat you showed me last time will work smooth very soon!
  9. So, I would like to try the kush. Probably i will grow them different ways, soil, coco, hydro...
  10. Australia worked fine, no trouble sending or reciving.
  11. I would love to see it working! Granddad was a beekeeper, so i have some experience, but that was not greenhouse, so i can only speak about "wild" cases. I know that back in the days industrial hemp cultivation was big, and as cannabis is 1 of the latest crops around here, in some cases when other sources of food was already out, they went to cannabis fields to collect pollen.
  12. http://sensiseeds.com/en/blog/cannabis-vs-colony-collapse-disorder/
  13. Well done Toaor! Enjoy your beautiful buds! How nice to see such quality growing even in your problematic area! Wonderful!!!
  14. Industrial hemp got mixed with ruderalis thru the past centuries. Hemp was grown such large scale they cannot eliminate anymore from ditches and specially in those areas these fiberhemps just got mixed with the original ruderalis, acclimatized and now they are the backbone of the remained genetics. THC content <1%, other cannabinoids can be present in larger amount tho.
  15. Great G! I wanted to get the same bags, but couldn't fucken find anywhere... 10 cents each?? lol
  16. Hey Brother! Glad to see your nice and healthy plants again!! You still have some of Kog's seeds??????? Ffs i germed and donated all and had to get rid of my blooming ones at the beginning of the 5th week.... FFs if u have a male, please try to cross them and save those genetics (as far as i know they r chronic crosses). Keep em green, and can't wait to see them planted out. I am doing 15 green poison fv this year outdoors, they suppose to get rdy by early sept. Will be interesting to see which one gets rdy first! Good luck man!
  17. Levente


  18. Levente

    My girls

    well done bro!