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Everything posted by Levente

  1. That's a really good apetizer!! Nyami..... But i must upset you SBH! The cam is always making things look bigger! Think about the guys doing porn! That's a branch of the fimmed fruitspirit, so only a feet long... but a tasty nice bud, that's for sure! Can't wait to get the first hit of it!!! Big thanks to maresca! Keep on rolling mate!
  2. Levente

    My Grow Room

    A true symbiosis with your plants! good work my friend! in weed we trust
  3. Levente

    Super Shed

    Loving your shed!!!
  4. You are GURU! and have good eyes! but not all! i have him gold at the back and one sweet tooth! They have turned into flowering! Just can't wait to harvest, cos i'm constantly out of smoke due tothe very low supply (both q&q). I hope they, and their friends will yield me enough to sort out my problem for a while!
  5. Gondolhatod, hogy alig várom, hogy bebarnuljanak a punciszÅ?rök!! Remélem szűzen felnÅ? mind!! Még szerintem nyúlni fognak, de 1elÅ?re saccolni se nagyon tudok, hogy mennyit mutatnak majd a mérlegen... azért remélem jövÅ? ilyenkorig kitart majd! Viszont az én szüretem még sajna odébb van...Meglátogathatlak jövÅ? héten valamikor???
  6. thanks guys! i'm getting more and more confident, but the purpose is to have at least the same size as the ones on the balcony of hexx! they don't develope as quick as if they were under constant supervision, but still not bad, and they are without any artificial things. next time, i'll add some w absorbig crystalsto the soil, and in the first period, i'll give them some willow concoction, that will naturally help the roots developing quicker!
  7. I've been promising for a while... and finaly! Unfortunately my crap cam misfocused the close-ups, and my battery went down after 4 shoots. But i can promise more when my buds are on half way! For the time being hope you'll all enjoy! In weed we trust!! Attached files
  8. If i'm right, in the us, each state has the right to bring in new regulations on its territory concerning such toppics like gun posession, and marihuana. So fingers crossed, it will go through!! People are adult enough over there, and been used to it for long enough to tolerate, and see prefer the benefits of marihuana than the downsides! As i know, almost 30% of the population use more or less frequently ganja on the west coast, which means, that if all they joined an organization for the legalization, it would have more members than the National Rifle Association! I'm saying, whatever the jo
  9. I'll put my vote on Fuzzy! but need to add that i just love the Church of hexx!! I think he also did a great job, specially known that it's all organic! Good job guys!
  10. I need to put my vote to BGB's rhino! Nice job bro! I hope once I'll be able to taste a bud grown by you! Keep on working and rolling!
  11. are you making them start flowering artificially? i live n grow about 1000km souther, but still worried about the autumn weather... shouldn't i???