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Everything posted by Levente

  1. Frenchy Canolli has some great vids also! Worth checkin!
  2. Even for the smell it is worth makin it! I found that if you make it with freshly frozen material, not dried, cured, the water will become rather green than brown, which i didn't really like. As i only use a 200 micron workbag, and let it settle on the bottom of the bucket, not in other bags, i like to leave it sit for 2-3 hours, not any shorter. This is obviously longer process than using multiple bags and catching resin with those, therfore i belive the colour of the water is critical, and has serious effect of the final outcome. So for best result i recommend using cured material!! Which i
  3. Hahaha, yeah, takes time, many use centrifuge to spare work, or when you have some more to wash, u start with the old frozen used trimmings, wash that for 15-20 min, get out, add more ice and use the fresh trimmings in the same bucket... I might add that first wash has usually the highest thc content, but as you wash it again and again, the ratio of cbd will increase. And finally of course the more and better material you use, the more it will worth to wash again. As you only mixed for 15 min, the next wash will probably yield same amount. Peace
  4. Fran has his point. If you let me share my opinion, no offense, but what is the point in freezing them before... non, as the probably 100 g trimmings you wash will practically immediately get the temp of the water in the bucket. With such big cubes, it can happen that the top of the water is really around 0 C, while the middle is still 5 C, but if you crush it and add that way, u can mix with the water better, u get more exact temp when checking, and probably your mixer will live longer also. Now mixer... the 15 min mixing can be fine on very high speed. Not with a drill or such, that will nev
  5. Levente

    2015s babys

    Nice bro! What strains? 14 of these babies finished and chpped now? Gratz bro! Enjoy!
  6. Gratz Bro, nicely covered!!! Happy harvest!!!
  7. Thank you so much guys!!! Can't wait the next contest! All the best!!! peace, love, pot!!
  8. Bam, he lives at tropical climate. So it will finish. Sooner or later, but it will. Ofc high grade strains are very different from that, but in worst case u will make some hash. Keep calm, and let her grow. Get a microscope, and keep your eyes on the resin! Your buds developed great in the past weeks! Peace
  9. well they seem like either some fungus or some mites have sucked those leafs, they can be very small, u not necessarily see them unless you are supersharp or using a microscope!
  10. Nice thread man! I know it is never easy, specially outdoors where all you can do is get used to it... but, I think those girls were not too old to use some pesticide on them. Buds were just about to form, and most of these materials would have broken down till harvest. Didn't see it from close ofc, but as you are legal, i guess it didn't take you very long their presence in the growroom. And maybe not 100% medical quality, but good recreational you still could have got, or a big pile of hash in the worst case. But as you decided to move them out I was just wondering if all know that night tem
  11. Hi wutstock, very interesting grow, will surely fallow! Can you plase post us sme pictures! THX! Peace
  12. Ladies and Gents, Please let me introduce you THE DOCTOR! To be stylish, i am writing this with j in my hand filled with The Doctor It's been a few years since i met this strain. I picked up some seeds from a reseller, and (probably due to incorrect storage) some of my churches did not germinate. When i mentioned this to Franco he was kind enough not only to replace them, but also gifted me some of THE DOCTOR. I grew out all seeds (100% germ rate as usually on the seeds straight from Greenhouse), and they turned into amazing ladies!!! Some on the colas the size of a 1.5 L bottle!!! I have trie
  13. Bloody amazing my friend! Grats! Enjoy!
  14. Nice girl, wishing you a good ride till u can fly on her!
  15. For the fun i am entering a skinny but very resinous bud of my MM in the hand of Mr. Snowman!
  16. I totally agree! Loving the PF! If you use it with proper water, the vegging powder is awsome for all strains as i can see. In bloom some strains need a little added K, specially the close to pure indicas, and a bit of calmag during the jurney is always helpful! In naturally well fertilized soil, no additional ferts required! Happy growing!!
  17. Grats bro, well done! Your son seem to had fallowed your instructions nicely. Enjoy!
  18. Cute cats! What strains on the pictures?
  19. This is how the summer start for me!!! Churches, Autobomb, Super Critical
  20. To be honest i liked the participants only version. I remember when i won last time a newbie made his pals(or his own other profiles) vote on him, even tho they never wrote a post. This way he had more votes than me, but thanks to that rule finally i won with more VALID votes. So i think some kind of restriction is good to have... Also Undutched would have no reason complaining! hehe So think about it Jose, or please let me know your toughts about it.Thanks! Peace
  21. Lol Undutched! Don't you dare to call my flowerbomb fluffy! It is harder than your cock! Be positive, trust yourself, and enter a nice picture! Here only the participants can vote! Peace, Love, THC
  22. Awsome pictures! GReat work bro! The only thing hit my mind was recommending you some autoflowerings or some very early strain to be able to flower plants in pollenfree period of the year! Much Peace, Love and THC!