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Everything posted by Levente

  1. Hope to swap genes for further developement!!! Good job bro, keep it up!! Much love!!
  2. i recently started using phytolite and so far so good! short range, but i like it and small plants also... peace
  3. Levente


    Luvly buds mate, i am on the 4th week with 3 moneymakers... and i love them!!! Try The Doctor and the Super Critical if you haven't yet! Peace&love Lev
  4. Can't wait to see her blooming!!!
  5. Radical things are never good for sure, specially close to harvest, but this is your only option atm. You only need to check the safety period of the products u use!!! Simple flushing will not wash away or harm any anteggs! And most likely you can harvest 1-2 weeks later, no probs, max you will have more ripe weed!! Keep growing man!!! Peace Lev
  6. Sorry for your lossbro. Alli can recommendis to read Franco's tricks on pest controll. Outdoors it is essential to be prepared whatevercomes. I am growing outdoors as well, and i really know how sad you must be,becouse i am facing the same problems as you. Very hard work from breaking up the soil, the watering is the main issue as well, and of course you need to be prepared for such losses as well from animals and ppl as well. The best i can recommend is to get VERTIMEC ASAP!!! It is really a good product with very short breakdown period. The most time is needed for tobacco with this, 10 days
  7. Looked smaller, but still, compared to the size of the plant, you should put her in a bigger one to let her show you her full potency. She is just about to start flowering, and she will most likely double her size in a few weeks if she has the space. Depth is also important, specially with autos that grow much like a single cola plant, therefore the root system has the same shape...or the plants at least will try to make it like that....
  8. Hi bro, I'd repot the bigger one asap very carefully! All the best!
  9. Sure Dust, most strain has some in it. I looked up and over 900 skunk variants i found. But my point was referring to the same structure, leaf formation, and ofc the moreorless 50-50 ratio of the skunk. We will not figure this out without finding the source. The only thing we can tell she is a true hybrid!
  10. She most likely has some skunk genes in it!
  11. Hi bro! Thanks for your kind words! Setting up 600X400 is very easy with Irfan viewer. Image/resize. Set the new size after u click on "preserve aspect ratio" that is on generally..."apply sharpen after resize" and "OK" !!!
  12. Hi brothers! Finally i succeed to take a picture. Was not easy. First becouse i have many nice buds, and was hard to pick, second cos the phone i took them with. But I did it!! So please welcome my Flowerbomb Kush, flowered for 10 weeks under 600+200W, very ripe, very strong, very tasty. The bud is only as big as a horse, you can see Arjan and Franco helped me taking the picture. Thanks!!!
  13. Oh, very nice, thx Jose. Sorry guys, i shut up and upload a picture! Hehe
  14. Hi guys. Let me remind you this is a contest about buds. Correct me if i am wrong, but i belive it is about dry buds, ready for consumption. But your pictures are good as evidence! Please Jose try to describe the conditions a bit more precisely! Good luck!
  15. Levente

    White Lemon

    this white lady is so frosty for her age! good work bro! keep up!
  16. now i see why u picked that nick! hahaha
  17. Church will most likely finish. Also autoflowerings of course, but the dates given in the chart r for lower latitude, like spain, so in canada, or north europe, you need to add 2 weeks to those given dates. Sweet seeds are lounching some semi auto strains that should be cultivated anywhere up to the 55th latitude.
  18. I miss you guys, and the HTCC is soo far still... maybe this should be the second annual event to visit to meet you and smoke some awsome buds and hash together! This year i can not make it, but from nextt year i will try to!!!! Peace
  19. Swearing about the slut pigs is just fucken fucked up!! Peace!!!
  20. Vertox, i was writing about autoflowerings with indica and sativa genes in them, and i did not say that indicas don't like it, just not all... but i think all sativas like to be topped/fimmed! About the medium, what i wrote only makes sense speaking about autoflowerings. In that case it does matter when you have limited lifetime, becouse the plant has to reach a certain size after fimming/topping before entering flowering to produce greater yield, which is much easier achived if grown in hydro. Remember, most start flowering 4 weeks after germination. Sorry if i was not clear, i was pointing t