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  1. Stop asking us the impossible :)

  2. The police will take anything they want. They usually steal what they can. My friend was raided and they stole the change he had in a change jar! Do you know how they found out you had plants? Did someone rat you out? Did your neighbors tell the cops? How did they know you had plants in your attic?
  3. people have to remember that cannabis is NON TOXIC....cannabis is great for morning sickness, aches and pains and just plain old blues from being pregnant. I used cannabis for morning sickness and it was fantastic! No way would I take pills from the doctor. we all remember the flipper baby horrors. cannabis is not toxic and will not harm the baby in moderation. I say moderation because sitting in a room full of cannabis smoke will harm the baby due to lack of oxygen! LOL....
  4. have never used feminized seeds until last year. So far I am not impressed as I have seen more hermies then I have ever seen before. To be honest I have seen hermies twice in 20 years of growing regular seeds. Since I started using feminized I have seen 2 just this last 6 months! I usually only purchase regular seeds in case I find a strain I really like then breed with it. so many companies are only selling feminized now, that i just caved in. Heard of people saying you may have issues to clone feminized seed grown plants, that you can make mothers but get loss of vigor, yield, potency, etc. I have no idea if this is true or not, but so far clones have been doing fine.
  5. try aquashield by botanicare works great for this issue
  6. I think one might be ok to keep. It has female flowers but also alot of male flowers. I really want to keep it but I don't want it pollinating my other plants. I will pick off all the balls and hope for the best!
  7. I purchased Larry OG, Holy Grail and Bubba Kush all at the same time, so I would expect Gtaseeds storage would be bad for everything. All of them are going fine except the bubba. If it was something I did then I would think the other strains would have problems as well. I did some research and others have reported the same thing. Some got a pack of 5 and got 4 hermies and 1 male! I will wait a few days to see if they can be picked off and if it will produce enough female flowers to carry on. Just a piss off when you spend over a hundred bucks on seeds and don't get shit from it when other seeds had no problems. Hopefully greenomatic won't have issues with the two seeds out of this pack. must have been something I did that set them off. I hear they are very touchy this way. But does anyone know what it is? My environment is near perfect if not perfect. Temps are monitored, ph, etc. The only thing it might be is humidity. Would a dry room cause hermies in the bubba kush?
  8. Hi All, Currently in week 2 of flowering and guess what - the bubba kush all female looks more like a male with a female flower here and there! OK well I have not had any good experiences yet with Green House genetics. The Chemdog didn't germinate, and now the Bubba Kush feminized seeds are hermie or male. I have one that is a male, no signs of female pistals anywhere. Just sacks of balls! The second one has some female flowers but mostly male flowers The third one has not shown sex as of yet but looks like it a hermie as well! I am growing 4 other strains and they have not hermied or had any issues. The conditions in the grow room are optimal and nothing short of perfect to tell you the truth. I have read that this strain is prone to this but I wouldn't think ALL of them would be male or hermie That is two strains now. Maybe its the place that is selling them? www.gtaseedbank.com What do to?
  9. dont feed them anything for the first 2 weeks, then start with a quarter strength and then half strength then full strength. The plants will tell you if you need more or less. If you have a ppm or ec meter that would be the best way. You can then ensure you know exactly how much you are feeding them. You can purchase one on ebay for about 12 bucks. PPM or EC meter. Oh if you don't have a PH pen get one as well! If you are in sunshine mix you will want the ph to be 5.7
  10. Germination started in paper towels put into a glass. I only germinated 3 seeds as the other two have gone to another strainhunter member Started germinating and within 2 days got these little babies! Germination started on January 15th 2013
  11. Hello Everyone! The stain I decided to enter was the infamous Bubba Kush! The seeds were purchased from GTA Seedbank http://www.gtaseedba...ouse_seeds.html More to come! Enjoy! A picture of the seed package is being held by the model in the photo
  12. The rule of thumb is 40watts per square foot of space is the minimum amount of light needed to grow pot. So if you have a 2 foot by 2 foot room you have 4 square feet which means you need 160watts at least for that space for a plant to survive. If you want good pot double that.
  13. Kill the male plant unless you want seeds. You will not get high off males. Just kill, remove, chop down, tear out, pull, weed the male plants so you only have female plants in the room or in the patch (outside) I guess you were thinking you could remove the male flowers and keep the plant? The plant itself will be male or female with certain sex traits. The male has balls of pollen or sacks of pollen. The female has flowers or pistals (buds) that you want. hope that helps
  14. Hi Jeb! Also from Canada! We all need to smoke one at the Treating Yourself Expo in May!
  15. your ph is off, should be 5.7 for hydro

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