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  1. 😁 look what I got in the post today, really looking forward to trying these. Thank you so much @Jose.gh as always very much appreciated and can’t wait to show you guys the results 👍
  2. Which leds will you be using I will also be doing leds bit mine are just cheap ones but got plenty of them 👍
  3. Hope it’s ok to post this, heres a lil pic of some silver back I have just finished. Looks a lot better than the first time I done it.
  4. @gasmeter can you tag the other silver back grows for me please mate
  5. The plant I took down 2 weeks after the first one a hell of a lot better looking
  6. Also is there any chance once this virus shit has died down I would be able to come and visit some of your grow rooms, I would absolutely love it ?? Let me know
  7. Yeah I understand what you mean I seemed to have the same pheno I’ve still got seeds left of the silver back so we will see if they are different phenos in there. What about any new strains for me to try ??
  8. Also any other strains to test coming soon after this one will be getting a new led setup so I’m ready and waiting
  9. To be honest I took it down to early, I only took one down and it was to early because the other one has changed to so much in just a week it looks completely different, the first one was really hairy but they were all browned off so thought yeah it’s ready the other plant looked the same but didn’t have the time to take it down so left it, it’s even gone more compact will upload pics when done. Also how come no one else has uploaded any of there pics, and do you know how many phenos there is if this strain
  10. Also lighting is not good where I am trimming so don’t look that good will take better when dry
  11. Lol because they grow to become the size of a gorilla no joke I have 4 plants in total one cloud Walker and one sunset sherbert, I could barely see them in there the two silver back took over the whole tent no joke, only got a q of cloud walker and a oz of sunset, cloud walker did not turn out good either it was living in the shadow of the silver backs, that said the yield of the silver back is going to be massive literally taking them down now and I ended up only using 2x400 watt at we had really hot weather hitting 36-38 outside, but I reckon I’ve still got the same sort of yield that I woul
  12. My cloud Walker seem to be very small compared to the silver back had hardly any stretch at all if any think they are lacking in the stretch department