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  1. A few pics of the kings juice and the chemical bride babies 3 and a half weeks into veg, but remember there only under a crappy cfl veg light as I have got 8 plants flowering so don’t want them to get to big In The 8-9 week period I have the others flowering,
  2. Wow really I would love to try some more of your strains could I please try some of the dark phoenix and if I can push my luck some of the deep candy and to be honest any seeds you want to pass my way I will try them all(hope that doesn’t come across rude)please and it’s very appreciated 🙏🏻. Thank you
  3. Hi Jose I have a bit of a fly infestation due to my daughter keeping her rabbits in the same room( and not cleaning them out regularly)big mistake but they have now been moved and the flys have gone and plants are on the mend
  4. Is there no one else who has had seeds every plant I’ve had has had them, I took two down the other week and they both have seeds aswell, or is it just me ???
  5. These are pics taken 2 weeks later they have not grown as quick as they should have as I have only vegged them under a 125w cfl light which was vegging 8 other babies at the same time which have now been moved to the bigger tent so hopefully they start to pick up a bit, it’s going to be a slow veg this time with these as I have to wait for my others to veg another week and then flower. ( which are 6 sunset sherbert and 2 silver back)
  6. Right here are the first pics of my kings juice and chemical bride, these were the pics I took when they were placed in to coco after sprouting they took 5 days to sprout all of the kings juice ones sprouted but only 3 chemical bride sprouted the other 2 did not even change in the slightest, but I only was planning on doing 8 all together so worked out ok
  7. Hey guys hope your all good I run a few more seeds of each strain and continue to keeps getting seeds, not a lot and no signs of bananas on any of them not sure if it’s a genetic thing anyone else get them ??
  8. Welcome guys and girls so sorry it has took me a while to get going, I had another load of girls ready to go in, pictures will follow tomorrow, looking forward to this led run. peace
  9. 😁 look what I got in the post today, really looking forward to trying these. Thank you so much @Jose.gh as always very much appreciated and can’t wait to show you guys the results 👍
  10. Which leds will you be using I will also be doing leds bit mine are just cheap ones but got plenty of them 👍
  11. Hope it’s ok to post this, heres a lil pic of some silver back I have just finished. Looks a lot better than the first time I done it.
  12. @gasmeter can you tag the other silver back grows for me please mate
  13. The plant I took down 2 weeks after the first one a hell of a lot better looking