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  1. I use clonex rooting gel and get 21 rock wool cubes and get a scalpel a new one every time and the soak the rock wool cubes in water for 24hrs then squeeze them and put them back in the tray and then use the scalpel to take my cut at a 45 degree angle and dip in the clonex for one minute then place in the rock wool cube that’s obviously in a propagator that you can get from Poundland or the range for cheap and spray with a spray bottle and close the lid and then just wait 2-3 weeks and then your done
  2. Understand 100% so what do you need to know about taking cuttings ? Let me know and I will try and help if I can, last go was 95% success rate for me, what rooting hormone are you using to dip your cuts in before putting them your medium and what medium are you using
  3. Sorry I know this post is meant to be about some other new strains but I have got to post a pic of the 2 silverback I have done omg I have took down the other 6 sunset sherberts and what is left is the silverbacks absolutely shocking scenes they have basically stolen the space of two of my sunsets and have gone on next level (the rouge ones) is what I would have called them, pics incoming in the next hour
  4. Inbox me where abouts in the uk you are if your close to me I will be willing to come and help you get them going properly up to you though but rest assured I’m a genuine bloke and just here to help people
  5. What I do is keep bending them downwards and they will keep trying to reach upwards but just keep bending intill there bushy and all the branches are level with each other then put them in flower
  6. Veg for longer mate at least 6-7 weeks and bend the top branch 3-4 weeks in and then keep bending all the branches that try to stretch out
  7. @Streetstrainsuk I will defo be buying 2 more to replace the blurple lights this whole grow has been perfect but I reckon it’s down to vegging and training and bending them constantly every few days best grow I have had in years and years but I would say it’s down to taking my time with them
  8. And here a few of my flowering babies first ones are sunset sherbet and the last 3 are of the silver back which have gone wild as Yous can see, all this though 5 weeks in nearly off 480 watt pull form the wall so happy will defo be replacing the blurple with 2 more Mars hydro ts1000 lights
  9. Yes mate will take some photos in the next hour and post but at the min I’ve got others in flower that have 4-5 weeks left so I’m only vegging under low watts lights so they don’t get to big
  10. A few pics of the kings juice and the chemical bride babies 3 and a half weeks into veg, but remember there only under a crappy cfl veg light as I have got 8 plants flowering so don’t want them to get to big In The 8-9 week period I have the others flowering,
  11. Wow really I would love to try some more of your strains could I please try some of the dark phoenix and if I can push my luck some of the deep candy and to be honest any seeds you want to pass my way I will try them all(hope that doesn’t come across rude)please and it’s very appreciated 🙏🏻. Thank you