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  1. iam going to use this one for making a new mother plant we will see i will keep ya postedalso cleaned up around the base of the plant as when i flipp onto 12s the bottom will be hid under the canopy so no grow for those unfortunate ones lol
  2. few more pictures to show how big she has grown
  3. the only thing i am a little concerned with is i have normally started using fulvic for colour and taste and bio plus for my roots ...... i will not give into the temptation and add anything .... lets see how she rolls
  4. this shows the 30mm of growth thats 10mm a day .. and my light is 12" away from plant i have visions of this producing some monster buds
  5. this is were i nipped a tip out and you can see the growth within 3 days .. used my cut-throat razor to take a clean precise cut
  6. added 3 more pics today to show just how bloody good this powder is .....maybe secret steroids for plants lol what ever it is its bloody marvellous
  7. 10g to 10 litres yeah she seems to of gone throught the transition with no stress just did what it said on the tin ...lol gunna take a few babies tomorrow so i will deffo have some pics then i will hang with her another 5 days then boosh a light change and we will drop my times
  8. first dose today so we will see how she goes with the transition from vitalink to powder feeds ... had a look this evening and she is reaching for the sun ....no signs of stress YET lol so fingers crossed i will ip load another shot tomorrow
  9. Hi guys i thought i would share my grow with you guys .... what am i growing may you ask.... well it is the / greenhouse seeds bought from my good friend elvis at the crop king hydro shop.. the method that i grow is very primitive.... like i have been using the same system for 20 years lol well new buckets and pumps but its the same brush... SYSTEM................. 2 X 30 LITRE STACKABLE STORAGE BOXES MANY THANKS YORKSHIRE COUNCIL.... 1 X 350LHR WATER PUMP 1 X AIR BRICK AND PUMPS 2M OF GARDEN HOSE THANKS WIFE SHE WILL NEVER KNOW SHE JUST THINKS THE GARDEN HAS GOT LONGER... TYPICAL BLONDE LOL
  10. made my 30 posts how would i join the compertion please guys am very excited to try get into the biggest compertion the cannabis growers have ever seen
  11. i crossed the silver haze with mr nice and got a nice plant ran it for 6 months ended up in hospital and lost it forever very sad
  12. i think the uk has more to show than most think i hemp/cannabis was farmed here for 100s of years
  13. are your roof beams covered dude ... mine have now been replaced but was a loft grower for 5 years until my beams got dry rot due to humity then dry £3600 later growing in a spare bedroom