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  1. I've just decided to give em 3 days of dark to help em mature abit them am gonna chop em- hopefully well get some amber and a nice body stone as well
  2. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the input- I'm not subscribed for some reason but that's sorted I'm on week 13 with mine now and the trichomes are mostly cloudy but I'm not seeing very many amber at all- how did you judge when to chop yours?
  3. Sorry mate- I'm indoors and I count my flowering from the day I switch to 12 hrs
  4. Helllllllllll no- they are staying until they are ready and it's not messed my schedule up- it's just so I have a general idea of where I'm up to but I'm doing well nute wise I think. As for the strain it's self-5/5 popped, all were very healthy They have grown very quickly in coco with the canna nute range They are also very uniform- all growing alike and taking the same feeding well I don't know if they are particularly mg hungry but I'm now feeding with cal/mag and epsom which has solved the problems just fine ( caught it early this time- my last white rhinos had a heavy def and never really bounced back) Thanks for the reply dust - also abit impatient to start my autos and powder feeding hahahaha I'll post some pictures soon
  5. Has anyone got any experience with this strain- I'm 4 weeks into flower and there is no chance it's gonna be an 8 week flower and that's all 4 of the ones I'm growing not just a particular pheno
  6. Received and as soon as my GHS jack herer finish (1st week of flower at the mo) ill be starting Thanks guys and thanks Dust : )
  7. Looking forward to entering with autos and it be my first gh auto grow too!!!! Good luck everyone
  8. Thanks man- I sent a message over a few days ago and got dust on the case as well- it's a busy time of year though- cold too but it's helping keeping my grow room cool with lights on : )
  9. Good advice there mate- I tied my branches down to my pot so never did check my roots but I was using cannazym to keep em healthy. Ill be keen to see what they look like come harvest though and ill add some pictures. Adding the Epsom salts did take care of the main problem but I did have a feeling there was a cal deficiency as well so the cal mag should prevent it next time. Canna say they pre treat the coco with extra cal mag and until now it's now not really been a problem until late flower. On this grow though I did veg longer than I normally do, my tap water this time was really soft (46ishppm) and I was feeding at half-2 3rds recommended dose. So I think it's just a case I need to add extra cal/mag. I compared cannas cal/mag content in the A/B to Ionics coco feed and Ionics have a lot less but neither company sells a cal/mag addative which is strange. One worst affected plant is looking nearly done- another week or so and the better plant is gonna go longer so ill get some pictures later or tomorrow- looking frosty- cant wait!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks dust- 7 weeks old in a few days and am planning my next one already!!! Cant wait I got accepted for the free seeds for the competition a while ago and am struggling to contact someone to chase them up- any ideas man Thanks for the replies as well guys
  11. Here we go- the first two are of the plant that had the mag problem the worst- the very tops are skinny but the lower buds are nice a fat. The second lot are of the better plant- it looks a lot fatter and healthier- just staying dilegent for mold!!!!
  12. Wow- what a few weeks- mad shit at home- phew- nearly had to relocate !!!!! But we're coming up on 6.5 weeks flower and all looks ok- the badly affected plant has some skinny ass buds but the other is fattening up nicely now- hope everyone is ok
  13. Looking forward to it- my water is very clean and after my current grow I'm most Definatly going to be using some- thanks for asking Dust
  14. Hey tokage- very very jealous- was gonna say hope you had a good time but no doubt you did. I was keeping up with things on Facebook. One of my plants got pretty bad but after some solid advice I've been foilar feeding with epsom and working the nutes up from half- they are both greening up nicely but the badly affected one looks abit sorry!!! Gonna add cal/mag for my next grow no mater the nutes Thanks for asking man- ill have some pictures tomorrow

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