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  1. I've been happy with happy frog that the guy the hydro store talk me into ocean forest today. I was actually going to give roots organic soil a try. I mixed the ocean forest with light warrior 2:1 and i'll give it a try but was wondering if anyone had any input or experience with roots vs. Fox farm. Lemme know please.
  2. Makes sense actually. Just like humans I suppose, we start to lose vigor in our older age, I suppose I can start new moms. It's not gonna hurt anything I guess
  3. It must be because of the root trim. I just finished a cutting from her and it was even better than I had remembered. I don't grow her that often, cause the smell is so strong and there is no mistaking her scent. Haven't noticed any receding genetics. I'll let ya know though.
  4. I've had a super skunk momma going for two years now. Just keep her small and use the bonsai technique. Can't bear to part with her so I'm definitely gonna try to self a few klones, as well as keep her going as long as she can. It's definitely possible but then again I root trim and trim her for staying small. Not sure what would happen if I flowered her but don't see why she wouldn't take off and go.
  5. BudGood

    What would you do?

    Thank you miss kitty. I think you're right, I'll get a mh conversion bulb and boost up the veg chamber (I run perpetual harvest). I run a 600 watt super hps in the flowering chamber so, yeah just need more blue. I definitely appreciate the info.
  6. BudGood

    What would you do?

    Hey guys and gals. I just got a 250 hps from a friend and was wondering if I should add this to the 600 hps in the flowering chamber or use this as my vegger. Anyone used hps to Veg with. And if so how did it compare to fluorescent lighting. Just wanna maximize the use out of it. Any thoughts?
  7. I have grown with a 5 band (robw) 90w ufo led. I myself could not afford the equipment nor the electricity. I loved the way the led vegged. My blue cheese would have super fat fan leaves. In fact I had some candy Kush that the spectrum actually started turning the underside of the leaves purple. I could never get my plants to yield properly during flowering. Definitely use both the fluorescence and the LED. If possible add a 250 watt HPS in the flowering chamber. I run a perpetual harvest so my setup is a little different. Keep the LED about 8 to 12 inches away from the tops. Keep them short a
  8. Hey everyone, was out in Venice Beach got some nice blue widow (medically of course) and to my delight there were two seeds of which became hermaphrodites., just to experiment I went ahead and saved some pollen from the best 1. I pollinated hashberry and slightly pollinated my candy Kush. Just a couple of branches. My question would be how to breed to the hermaphroditic properties out? Got some good looking healthy seed.
  9. We've really got the ball rolling worldwide now! As a kid I never thought I'd see the day people would start waking up especially here in America. Sure we'll still have federal hurdles to jump but I'd like to think the people will just overide or overgrow if you will, their attempts to oppress this. Cannabis was here before this government and will be long after. Hopefully all the underground cannabis users will now be brave enough to step out of the closet and show them the force they are actually dealing with. I can't wait. Just when I was about to lose hope, there is light at the end of the
  10. Way to go Arjan. Push back, it's the only way to get them to realize that we won't sit back any longer. We must all start to become proactive in the movement. Otherwise they'll take advantage at every turn
  11. BudGood


    Big thanks guys, I feel very welcome here which is nice because I've been looking for a place to share ideas and commune with fellow growers, but I'm usually too paranoid and reluctant to post on other forums and sites. Here's to the future. Sainte!
  12. BudGood


    Hey everyone. New to the forum. But we'll versed with the plants. Very sacred this herb is and it's my belief that cannabis can save this planet. So since age 15 I've worked fairly diligently at becoming experienced with growing and smoking for that matter. :-P Lol. Wanna say high to my newfound family.
  13. Organic super skunk, my own. Have kept the mum for 3yrs now. I don't grow the super skunk too often as its fruity smell is definitely not something that you could pass off for anything but cannabis. Smells way better than the kandy kush, and every other strain I've got.