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  1. dude dont re veg the stump as you will only get a smaller yield and more chances of it going to seed. If you need to lower your ph mag sulphate is a great way to go about it just give it a big flush of a solution of one teaspoon per four liters. Also awesome harvest dude next time put some molasses in the feed in the last 3 weeks of flower you will be amazed by the increase in yield
  2. Awesome idea love the whole concept maybe list the pollen for microscopy use only . like the laws with magic mushrooms as the spores do not contain phyco actives . does pollen contain thc
  3. just a question in regards to where the plants are positioned sun wise ie how many hours do they get which way do they face. Awesome ladies dude you cant beat mother nature and the sun
  4. Yates uplift is the best for veg and it naturally has a low P.H and is cheap . Plus every supermarket in oz sells it. I did a grow of verse canna terra and i had 25% more biomass plus it was such a nicer looking plant . I would invest in a small microscope ( 20 bucks ebay) and check out your tricrome decomposition. I always tend to harvest when the bud growth slows and the tricromes are nice and amber .
  5. all you need is a tarp, a 100 litre bin and a cheap garden timer as long as there is pressure ie you have your water farm up hill set your tarp up to catch water and let it run into the tank for collection . I just normally chase the storms so to speak and set up my tarp during the winter thunder storms and save my water for the summer.
  6. Just want to start a thread for all the gorilla's out there and the lifestyles and codes one must live by a little about me Im a pro gorilla and have taken on a apprentice and hope to teach him the ways of being a true g . He was big in to the money in growing and so was i when i was younger but know it is a life i have chosen and its weird to explain but i no longer lust over money more just live for the seasons and live for the strains and for mother nature. So what gorilla codes do you live by . Do you have a faith or belief in god and mother nature how can we join forces in helping our fe
  7. i looks like a male has it got ball's
  8. just get a clone's and get some Progib its giberlic acid and when the plant is just starting to bud spray one of them i find this a easy way of fixing traits and producing female seeds its fun to make your own breeding stock. you can build up a heirloom stock of kush, hash plants, sativa's ,old school thai, soon you will be making your own funky flavours here is a awesome book a must read for any grower it called marijuana botany my all time favourite weed book http://www.amazon.com/Marijuana-Botany-Advanced-Propagation-Distinctive/dp/091417178X
  9. amazing seeing cannabis reducing our carbon footprint like that, i have to pay a carbon tax i wish i could say well i have 300 hectares of the most dank bud ,mr government so that is $$$ you owe me for helping reduce the excess carbon
  10. neem oil can work get some and mix it with a peroxide treatment try organic methods before moving to chemicals but your local nursery should have a toxic alternative but will put heavy metal's in your buds edit i would stick to the 3% in peroxide but there are hydroponic ones which are 6% and contain colloidal silver not to stong as it will cause you a whole new set of problems
  11. how are you testing your water sounds like a bit of calcium magnesium booster might be a help. do you have a brix meter they measurer the sugars in your plant leaves very handy as it helps diagnose problems fast . it is a must have to use with co2 as it speeds up growth so deficiencies are hard to catch before they set in . by using a brix meter during flowering and to get the ideal sugar levels in the plant is hard to learn and explain but once you get the jist of it your plant's will reward you with sticky goey tricromes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brix
  12. the little set up that i showed in my earlier post is under a 250w and with co2 i can get up to 200g per plant the trick is to have it in grow for 4 weeks, on the third week of veg i start the co2 at 1500ppm when using co2 a can almost guarantee a double in yield and the crop time is reduced by 20%
  13. try pull off the pop corn buds at the base of the plant by doing this the energy is sent to the top flowers resulting in bigger yields and more airflow is around the base of the plant this also helps to reduce pests and disease
  14. just make sure you get the right color bulbs for your aplication do not buy the marine cfl as they are to blue to get the big yields go for Hid (high intensity discharge )