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  1. CONGRATS GONZO! AND TO ALL OTHER WINNERS AS WELL! You guys did a great job, your work was inspiring, entertaining, but most of all it was clearly the product of a lot of passion for the plant we love. And a big THANK YOU to all growers who participated in this first World Cup, it means a lot to all of us at Green House and Strain Hunters. Together we are a strong community. And finally, thanks to Dust, Jose, Mr.X and all the crew, for all the amazing work you did to make this happen. You guys are the most organised stoner-crew ever.
  2. End of day 2 at the Expo! It has been much busier than last year, a great crowd! We spend the whoie day talking to growers and taking pictures and signing autographs.... the feedback is great, people are looking forward to the new genetics we are going to release soon, and everyone is very keen to try the Powderfeeding. We got hundreds of weed samples to taste, local kushes and our own genetics grown locally. The quality is amazing.... The glassmakers are working hard, producing real art. There are three teams (Team Japan, Team Canada and Team USA) competing to create the best pieces. They wor
  3. HERE WE GO AGAIN HUNTERS!!!!! We are LIVE from Toronto, Canada, for the 2013 edition of the Treating Yourself Expo. We arrived in Canada 2 days ago and we already had the chance to visit several local growops including some great rooms from the guys at Humber Valley Seeds (thanks and respect to my friend Kevin for the amazing tour!!!!!!). Check out my INSTAGRAM feed 2 @Franco_Strainhunter for some pics of the growrooms! Now the Expo just opened its doors and we are already busy talking to the growerws and the breeders, it is amazing to see how passionate people are about cannabis in this count
  4. Good one Atrox! Nice harvest man. Especially that darker pheno, lovely!!! Enjoy the results!!!
  5. the Opticlimate seems to work great! Good job man. Keep it coming!
  6. Best of luck in the competition BEDZ! Full gas.....
  7. Nice setup Leopard! I like the home-made unit! Best of luck with the competition!
  8. Awesome Guscode! That looks like a real weapon man, must be amazing..... respect, and thanks for being part of our community! Merry Xmas to all of you guys, Admin, Mods, and all hunters! Peace, Love & THC
  9. HC01 never disappoints.... high quality in da house!!!!!! Great pics, amazing details, and lovely graphics. A true pleasure to read. Master
  10. one of the most original reports I've ever seen! Really cool.... ;-)
  11. Very detailed info, nice little plants... I agree with Dust, time to repot to boost...
  12. really nice grow Atrox I also love to germinate using the 4x4 cubes, and the net setup is perfect for the Money Maker. Nice report, keep it going!
  13. No worries Dust, the Money Maker can eat ;-) Lovely thread, great pics, Franco is gonna lurk in the background.... LOL
  14. muy buen hilo, como siempre..... the deformations should disappear with growth. They are quite common in feminized seeds, in some strains more than others. ;-) pulling a couch for Milmaker's thread......
  15. amazing pics from Mr.X as usual, what a great EXPO this was!!!!! Prague is the new Amsterdam of the East. No doubt. We had a really great time, smoked some fine herbs and dabs, and met many cool growers. Now 3 days left to prepare for the 25th High Times Cannabis Cup in the Dam! BE THERE!!!!!!!! peace, love & THC
  16. Thanks Dust, Jimmy, Admin, Fuzzy, Tokage and all viewers and followers... It's now Sunday afternoon, the show is getting to the end and it's not as busy anymore. This morning Aaron and Lars killed me again with some wax and a bong hit. What a ride it has been for the following 4 hours..... Then it was busy until about an hour ago, and now less and less. The expo has been a great success, much busier than last year. Good feedback from the growers, and good weed to smoke! I got lots of nice samples to taste, great outdoor Hawaiian Snow (!!!) and amazing Trainwreck grown in glasshouse (thank you
  17. I'm so high I can fly I swear. Like a FUC**** KITE!!! I'm not really used to smoke wax, every time it's a true experience.... LOL The expo is getting superbusy, lots of positive feedback on our seeds, and lots of interest for our Powderfeeding! Olaf already made a reservation for tonight's dinner, and I look forward to the Prague Saturday Night Haze LOL MrX as usual is taking great pics, he's amazing. Maybe it's because he actually slept longer tha 4 hours last night