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  1. This year, the Ladies yielded 304 grams of the finest ganja. It's of course still very fresh, but already more spicy and sweet than last year's crop. This strain seems to grow more skanky than the voluptuous Church, that turned my balcony into a forest. But that might also have to do with a very crappy Summer. Got me worried there for a while, the Ladies losing leaves early in the season already. But once they started flowering, there was no stopping them. So big ups for the Himalaya Gold.
  2. For the record: the firstborn Lady (#75, above) is now all dried and cleaned. She yielded 171 grams - not bad, for a horrendous Summer. Lady #81 is now drying, and evaporating a lovely odour throughout the house.
  3. She needed a couple of days more, but there she is. Ready for harvest.
  4. Down here in the Netherlands, the Summer of 2011 was horrific. Lots of rain, a fair number of real chilly days - it got me worried about this year's outdoor crop for a bit. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the cola's started growing. By now, they're about 30 cm's tall and getting fatter by the day with crystals all over them and already a very nice smell. I expect them to be ready in a couple of weeks, depending on the weather: if it gets all messy and wet again out there, I'm gonna harvest to prevent them from rotting away. But hopes are up. It won't be as huge a yield as last year (the Church is
  5. True, the Ladies are pretty visible by the end of Summer. But fortunately, in the Netherlands, there's no real problem as long as you only grow a couple of plants outside and the neighbours don't complain about the smell. If they do complain, the police might knock on the door and tell you to take the plants down. Contrary to popular urban legends, cannabis is illegal here - but posession (and selling it in coffeeshops) is tolerated, as long as it's not in large quantities. Kinda weird, though: up to five plants in a garden is allright with the cops, but once harvested you've got a lot more ga
  6. This years Summer has been hard on the Ladies. Lots and lots of rain, wind and unusually low temperatures took their toll: the Lady at the waterside didn’t make it. But on the balcony, the first Lady has been trimmed and is now ready to be moved inside to dry. Gotta say she managed to grow some very interesting cola’s, in spite of the harsh conditions. Makes you wonder what could’ve happened if the Summer would have been a real Summer.
  7. Herb. The healing of the nations. Lotsa people really get into the science of growing it, and get amazing results. I learn a lot from them. But personally, I prefer the homegrown outdoors ganja. No chemicals, no light plans, just me and a couple of Ladies on my balcony. Just see what this season brings. Been doing that for some years now and raised a couple of mighty fine strains. This year, growing HImalaya Gold, I was really struck by the difference with last year's choice: the Church. Now there's a sturdy lady! The Church grows luscious and large, with lots of sweet cola's. By the end of Oc
  8. Oops. Double post alert! Sorry about that. Dunno why it happened.
  9. This pic was taken in my hometown, in Holland ;-) The Ladies are holding up, and even seem to be starting to flower. I'm not expecting a huge harvest, though, the lack of sunlight ain't too benificial for bud-development.
  10. Summertime, and the weather is, ehm, what can I say. We'll have to see how the Ladies do this year.
  11. True, they do like lots of Sun.
  12. Went to see the Lady at the water today.
  13. In general, I think, lots of sun is always good. And living in Italy, that shouldn't be a big problem for you. The Church is a great strain, my guess is you won't be disappointed at harvest time.
  14. Last year, I grew The Church. Very nice crop indeed, and I gotta say it's a splendid smoke indeed. This is what I started out with (<-- click that sentence, y'all).
  15. Yep, they're still in their 40 liter pots and haven't started to flower yet. Should begin any day now, as harvest time for this strain is by the end of September (according to the GHC website). Gonna check on the waterside Lady somewhere this week and will, of course, post a pic here. Rumour has it, she's having a great time out there ;-)