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  1. Awesome pics Mr X when I hear the word photo bomb I think of you. Sure you didn't mess with anyone by posing in their pictures but you threw out a post and there were pictures every where like shrapnel from a claymore lol. I love it man keep up the hard work ;P P.S If you guys ever wanna hire you a classical guitarist to follow you around and play music let me know. Bet you can't guess what I want to be payed in ^^
  2. Great job guys maybe one day ill get to join you
  3. love your set up, you're one of my cannaheros <3 i cant wait until i'm closer to being on your level
  4. Hey guys I'm sorry it has taken so long for a smoke report but i had some set back and curing just to make it a little more super special. the down side is i just realized i dont have any good cured bud porn, ah well you live and you learn it did smoke very well it had an awesome fruity smell and taste and it was super sticky. its smell before you smoked it was so strong that you could just walk into the room that had the bag in it and you could smell it almost instantly. when i had it drying in the cardbord box my whole house smelled like a skunk just ate a dozen tangerines and then farted.
  5. Given that plant 1 started to die the same way plant number 2 died all the way up until i flushed i would say it was salt build up. i havent been checking the ec so its possible i was watering with it being way to high. and the ph of the soil was pretty low as far as i could tell when i flushed the ph of the water didnt change. but what ever the problem it was solved by flushing, if not for that i would have harvested that plant way sooner instead of being able to leave it growing until the planed harvest date.
  6. it is still drying atm. the siscor hash i got was super lovely, i didnt get but a hit or two and it knocked me on my ass. the plant that died a few weeks ago has had time to dry and cure and its pretty good, so im expecting the 3 survivors to be a little better.
  7. Hey guys sorry im a day late and a dollar short or w/e. here are the last pics taken of my plants. i got em all cut trimmed and into the drying box. (which has made my whole house reek of pot.) im pretty happy with how it turned out given what i have equipment wise and experience wise.
  8. Yeah I was so frustrated when the leaves started to turn, but it think its coming along rather well. The leaves aren't the reason i'm growing the plant. While they are a great indicator for whats going on it really doesn't matter what happens to them in the end imo. ill be making one of the first final posts here on Wednesday, but untill then here is a little spoiler and what i think is my favorite pic i have snapped so far. as for smoke, i just the other day checked the curing jar that the plant i lost went to and the bud smells super fruity and has the taste to go with it. The buzz is prett
  9. ok i got the time to flush today ^^ I did the remaining 3 all in one go. I could only log the ph values this is before then after I think they came out pretty close to the same ph. makes me happy as that's the one thing that I could keep an eye on and if the ph is about the same that means that the soil ph wasn't to far out of wack right? I guess they may not be top notch but I'm learning tons of things and I'm super stoked to get this far on whats pretty much my first run.! I wont ever buy a pre fertilized soil again. I'm seriously going to invest in an EC meter.
  10. nope i havent had the spare change to pick up an ec meter :/ ill flush it asap. its winter here and the room only has a light to keep it warm it got a little cold a couple nights but for the most part it stays in the 60's its about 65 right now (18 deg Celsius) not much i can do to warm it up really :/ ill have to plan my grows a little better with the weather for now untill i can get a heater/ac set up down there
  11. that's weird you say that about the ph, thats the one thing i have been able to check somewhat and adjust lol and my room has been in the 60's maybe since the probe isnt right under the light with the plants they are getting a little more heat lol
  12. http://s1320.beta.ph...ary/kk 11-26-12 hey guys i have about 46 pics i up loaded to photo bucket. the links there are sorted weird but ill post the most recent here! one of my plants died but its main cola had a decent amount of bud so i trimmed it and its now drying i guess its an early taste of my crop. i just got done doing that and my fingers smell like i just got done eating a tangerine. that's pretty epic i cant wait to taste the sexy bud. the other three plants look pretty good to me i trimmed off all the crappy looking leafs though. its really crystallized I'm excited the pistols ar
  13. does anyone know how the limit on this thing works? one day it was showing like 4mb at a time now its at 900kb and its not refreshing
  14. It's more a problem with my picture size. they are about a mb each. i need to size them down a little bit and haven't really had the time to do it. I thought the limit on the uploader might have been per post and i thought it was broke for not giving me more space on the second post. It hadn't occured to me that it might be a daily limit or something like that. I'm going to try to resize the pictures before my next batch of posting. but in the mean time i snapped this pic just the other day