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  1. GH - all but favourite is SLH and Paradise seeds Ice cream and opium are huge hits in canada
  2. Dont think green house offers regular, I know of other companies offering regular seeds and being a canadian I use attitude seed bank (website) with great success. They are by far the Cheapest in canada as you can pay 2x as much from a distributor, and shipping has never been a problem iv received all my orders within a week of payment and was happy with the results (almost better seeds because there straight from europe rather than waiting in canada for sale). Hope this helps!!
  3. vote goes to Miss Kitty what a beautiful plant!
  4. so had the worste news the other day, the house im living in is being sold in the next few months and it will be showing while im still living here! so had the radical idea to selll of all my eqiup as well as flowering plants to avoid this problem, got a good deal and came out almost even which is great for used equipment. This is a sad day for me but i realized im going to upgrade my setup for the new Part two of the indoor growers contest. Im gonna take pics of the finished product as i sold them to a friend!
  5. hopefully im not two late for part two! where do i sign up??
  6. wonder if this is what happened too his? this is coming from the internode were a the pre flower is an seems to be flowering there?
  7. hey guys! I heard some interest in these ladys as most have not ventured to try this beautiful strain! my smoke report will be filled out later if theres interest in the topic as for now there curing for a couple months
  8. there awesome with two speeds! I will defiantly be investing into another once I upgrade my tent size. thanks tokage I was a bit worried but since the heat has changed everything seems to be coming along well. I was researching lights today and am very interested in the new LED with X2 lense they claim on being 2x as efficient as HPS, so im wondering if anyone has used the new LED's and with any success? there quiet expensive still but if the claims are correct than it may be worth it. let me kno!
  9. loved it seems to keep there internodes tight. I noticed less deficiencies than previous grows when u switch the hps they seem to yellow and wilt alot quicker so using the MH till i see pre flowers seems to work out perfect thanks for the tip dust!
  10. hey guys! heres the new guys after three weeks with my buddy, the house got real cold when I was gone because my thermostat's vaction mode wasnt set right. They worked out okay the two auto flowers are already budding!! I used Dust's advice and kept my MH light longer and my Veg nuts longer as well. I recieved a new Fan from Sunleaves, its a great little clip fan with only 15w power consumption. also added a 40w CFL on the side because of the added plant the space is getting pretty dense and my 250w may not suffice!
  11. Hey guys I am back an will post an update on these guys they've grow greatly!
  12. happy new year! excited to see the entries this month last month i didn't get a chance too vote or enter