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  1. excellent auto grow man, congrats and enjoy the smoke
  2. Hey guys, been gone for a while as I had no internet access but I kept a photographic record of the grow. There was not that much to report anyway as these ladies barley grew much,, guess you cant do it with a 125W cfl. they def are not competition winners unless my small one could win smallest cannabis plant in the world lol. I also cracked 6 caboose for the outddor comp and potted them 2 weeks ago but they never sprouted, weird! Ill dry these out anyway and let you know what the smoke is like, they smell beautiful and fruity. Cant wait to get some proper HID now and do a proper grow im hooked.
  3. very nice dude, enjoy the smoke! :brunette:
  4. Very nice man, the sun sure beats my 125 CFL haha, have a good grow dude!
  5. WEEK 4 This week I gave the 1st power feed, 1 gramme per 2 litres of tap water, during the week I gave just a little regular water as the soil was still moist. The average temperature for the week was 26 degrees celcius and humidity 50%. Growth is very slow but i guess thats from using 125 CFL light. The photos below show growth over 7 days, hopefully they will start shooting up now that I started using the powder feed. More pics. at the weekend, Peace CM
  6. Excelent presentation man, well done. Im doing caboose myself for the outdoor just got them yesterday, hope they turn out as nice as yours. Peace CM
  7. Package recieved, Caboose!! cant wait to try these, hope we get a good summer! Thank you again GHSC, already doing some sweet mango for the auto contest. Cheers guys
  8. very, very nice, im woried now, started my sweet mangoes 3 weeks ago and your's were twice the sise after 1 week, must be doing something wrong!!
  9. WEEK 3 Ok guys, this week I transplanted the 3 surviving seedlings to their permanent new home, two 15 litre pots and one 10 litre pot. I used the same soil mix as I put in the peat pots. I placed the pots under 250W dual spectrum CFL and gave some tap water for the first watering. The average temperature at day is 24 degrees celcius and 10 at night, average humidity is 50%. I have them under 18/6 light with a small fan blowing on them. Yesterday I started using the powder feed, just about 1g in 2litres of water, just going by eye as I have no scales yet. A couple have some slight yellowing at the tips but hopefully this will go away. I may not water or feed for another few days now as I dont want to overdo it and they are still delicate looking, hopefully they will gain in strength over the next few days. Peace CM
  10. Flower Bomb Kush nice, I heard this finishes floewering 5 weeks indoor which is amazing, how long does it go outdoor?
  11. Thanks man, that little girl never made it. It was nice sunny day yesterday so I kept the other 3 on the window looks like they are going to make it. Got some new intake and outtake fans with a temperature regulater, gonna get a new tent soon and a HPS light so I might have more control over the temperature.
  12. WEEK 2 Ok guys, not much to report this week. The 4 seedlings have been under 18/6 light all week with average temperature 20 Degrees celcius at light and 10 in the dark.Humidity N/A. 3 of them seem to be doing ok but I think 1 of them isn't going to make it, I have been watering only every 2 days and misting them as well, will add more pictures during the week if there is any significant development. PEACE CM.
  13. Best of luck im almost on the same level as you but im doing indoor so nice to see comparison.
  14. WEEK 1 After 1 week of germination all four seeds have popped, yeah. I have made up my own soil mix (1) which consists of approximately 25% each of Compost, Perlite, Sand and Coco Coir powder. I put this mix into peat pots which have holes punched in them and soaked these overnight (2) & (3). The tails on the seedlings are about 1 inch long (4) and these were carefully placed in the pots with a little tepid water (5). I then placed these pots into my homemade growbox which is a white wardrobe 2' x 2' x 6 under a dual spectrum 125W CFL light (6) & (7). The 2 cotyledon leaves are out on all 4 seedlings (7). I also made a home made CO2 generater from a milk carton, water, sugar and yeast and placed this in the grow room. Temerature is about 18 - 20 Degrees Celsius by day and 10 - 12 at night. I've no idea of the humidity as I havn't a hydrometer yet. I will leave the light on 18/6 until flowers appear and will hopefully have cash for a HPS light by then. I will post more pictures as soon as possible, also i'm using an iPod for a camera so the pictures are no the best quality, sorry guys.

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