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  1. And another edition of Boom Festival went by pretty dam Indenha-A-Nova (Portugal)
  2. The little time I bought on E-bay a panel of 300W LED, Epistar LED chip 100x3W. The manufacturer says that the actual spend 120W for the LEDs last longer, but I called a voltage controller and this only to spend 85W. In my view the panel was to be giving more entencidade light, I think there was an error in the regulation of the output power to the LEDs.
  3. It is a kite borosilicate, suitable for BHO. It does not take water. The first time To try, neglected me in dose, had a major attack of coughing up hehehe transpire everywhere, get all stoned
  4. My BHO kit arrived today, I am satisfied with the purchase, and very good price
  5. A lata diz que é ultra-refinado para o máximo de cuidado. E também diluído em etanol, de modo a que o gás é libertado completamente e em seguida deixar evaporar o etanol. I've been researching the best and gas is the »» PURETANE 99.9998% PURE N-BUTANE. which is made ​​in the USA, and each can cost $ 9. It is very expensive to send for this gas to Europe. For the above time pro, I have to see if I can buy Colibri Premium Butane gas. from what I saw is the second best in the market 99.9994% purity.
  6. Este FIM de semana eu Fiz BHO com Folhas e manicure Aurora Indica um e Critical Mass DEPOIS de UMA Maior Parte Fazer Gás se evaporou, OSU de etanol a 96% de par diluir o Óleo, Gás e evaporando o restante, e entao esperar Que o etanol de e evaporado
  7. I use tap water, I do not filter because it did contain minerals and calcium salts, for use vinegar to lower the pH to 6.40 to 6.50 pH. I've also had the same problem. When they are in bloom need more PK and N to miss 2-3 weeks to the end of flowering, the plant is developing well must follow the evolution of dosage of nutrients. What I did was a flush and again by nutrients, half dose at first irrigation, and in the second the serta dose for the age of the plant and in the third a little more watering PK, and then after doing normal waterings following doses . I also growing in soil, use BioBizz Grow BioBizz & Blom, and a little honey to miss three weeks to the end of flowering, these three weeks just take the honey in the first 2, and third flush. When I see the honey causes the smell and taste becomes sweeter
  8. From the album BHO

    BHO made ​​by me, I used the leaves and trimmings from cutting, Aurora Indica & Matabis
  9. From the album BHO

    BHO made ​​by me, I used the leaves and trimmings from cutting, Aurora Indica & Matabis
  10. From the album BHO

    BHO made ​​by me, I used the leaves and trimmings from cutting, Aurora Indica & Matabis
  11. From the album BHO

    BHO made ​​by me, I used the leaves and trimmings from cutting, Aurora Indica & Matabis
  12. From the album Room 12/12

    Aurora Indica 62 Day 12/12
  13. I and my friends have already done the same in cars, we call it Aquarius
  14. I've been studying botany, when making a graft must be borne in mind to choose a vigorous plant, the genetic graft is not quanlidade, will cause the plant does not develop normally, as the fork will produce fruits with their genetic characteristics and some rootstock. For example: if the rootstock is Orange, and the fork is will give a lemon lime less acid.
  15. Thanks for strength. if this graft result, then I'll try to Critical Mass with Aurora Indica

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