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  1. gogycar

    OG Kush

    My last few OG Kush grows,while i was gone,so i can show what have i learned here at this awesome forum.I hope you enjoy this pics as much as i was enjoing the smoke of those girls.
  2. Nice looking plants happy and active.Keep up the good work you are doing now.Have a trouble free grow.
  3. Start of week 7 for my girl and she is swelling her buds in high rate.She looks fine for this age and i think i'm gona cut her on the end of 8th week.She is on normal feeding for this week,with EC=1.4 and she will start receiving flush after this week. Here she is so you can see what i mean and i hope you'll enjoy peace:
  4. Yeah you are right gonzosghost smell is incredible and rate of growth is astonishing.Today is first day in week 7 from pop up and she is looking fine,EC is at the same 1.45 and will be so till finish.She did get little flush treatment last 2 feedings. Here she is after full 6 weeks:
  5. Smokeythabear to anwser your question this is my first time with smart pots and with HPS from start to finish.I am so glad that i bought hps lamp,digital ballast and smart pots because they are all paying off now.
  6. Today is the end of week 5 from pop up and end of second week in flowering.She is realy fast girl and i am so proud of her as you will see in the pictures she is looking great.She is only 43cm high right now and she stoped in vertical growth,but she is producing fine looking buds and i can't belive that she is only 5 weeks old,but looks like she is at the week 7 atleast. EC is same 1.4 and i'll bump the dose to 1.6 with added CO2 and bloombastic for the last three weeks. Here is beautyfull girl:
  7. Thank you all i appreciate your support and advice's.@Dust-yeah you'r right 1.4 is good for now, but i'll need some help with this because i wanted to give her 1.6-1.7 EC after this week.She is at the last day of week 5,from the pop up from the ground ;and @ the end of second week in flowering.She stand's at 73cm and she look beautyful lady. I can't wait to see her done.Yestrday she received only pH water and today she'll get same.I call this mini flush on the end of second week of flowering. Here are some pics of my girl i hope you will enjoy :
  8. Thanks Bam-Bhole she is pretty and she grows vigirously and fast.HESI is realy good feeding for Creamatic,she get's EC=1.3 and pH=6.5.This time i am not using Bloombastic at all,because i wanna try it with only nutrients and bloom stimulator from B'Cuzz. Week 5 from seed and beggining of week 2 in flowering and i have to say that after 8 days in flowering,i can see that she will finish realy quickly.Hopefully she will yield well and that smoke will be good. Any way here she is and i hope you will enjoy:
  9. Day 8 of flowering and day 27 from birth,my girl is growing superb.I think that this time i got sativa dominant pheno,because she is streaching like hell.This time i am not using any CO2 and light is hps with 33.000 lumens,so it's not because of that.At the moment i am giving her powder feeding of EC=1.44 and pH=6.5 ,i would like to give her EC=1.5-1.8 but i'm afraid i will burn her. Week 5 from seed and beggining of week 2 in flowering and she is fast.Here are some pics of my girl:
  10. Yeah i know what you mean with heavy smell Nordic division she smells awesome and strong.She is at 23rd day out of ground and 3rd day in flowering schedule on 12/12 .As i can see she realy loves HESI-s bloom nutes with bloom stimulator from B'Cuzz.Her bud developemend is outstanding and i see she will be quick finisher,as it sais on package she needs 8 weeks. Any way you will see on this pictures that she is beautyful lady:
  11. Thank you slimjim here is kalashnikova after 23 days out of ground and third day in flowering, under 12/12 light schedule.She got her first feeding with flowering nutrients 2 days ago with EC=1.3 and pH=6.0-6.5 and as you will see she loves it. She is in her streach period and i hope she won't grow to big. Here are some pics of my Kalashnikova and i hope you will enjoy them:
  12. Thank you Dust and her she is @ day 16 from popup and day 19 from seed:
  13. Yeah they look great and i have to say that Creamatic is realy fast and vigorous,she started to flower @ day 12 and her smell is divine. She got her "mini flush" before i start giving her flower nutes.In fact she received her first feeding of HESI bloom of EC=0.5 and pH=6.5.Temperature in tent is from 27C -30C and hum at 40%.I will flip the switch on 12/12 in few days,so she can start to streach and grow massive. Here she is at day 16 from pop up and day 19 from seed:
  14. Thx brother ninja,but i know what i did wrong with them.I gave them CO2 in streach period so that's why they grew so large,because they spent energy on growth and not on bud developement.My bad. Anyway kalashnikova is dry and cured;and i have to say that i am surprised how hard she hits. Can't wait to finish my curent grow WITHOUT CO2 this time.Thank you all for folowing my journal and i hope i'll see you in my future grows.