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  1. Swiss Cannabis Smokers Will Be Allowed To Grow Four Marijuana Plants Each Cannabis smokers in Switzerland will soon be allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants each at home to stop them buying drugs on the black market. In a bizarre twist to the new law, four people sharing a house can grow up to 16 plants - but only if each person tends to their own crop. The deregulation of Switzerland's already lax cannabis laws has been agreed by four neighbouring regions in the French-speaking part of the Alpine country. 'But one person can not start growing more than four plants just by claiming they live with other people. 'In this case, these other people have to actually be cultivating the plants themselves. 'This means attending to the plant in such a way as to make it grow.' Swiss daily Le Matin quipped: 'This basically means that you can grow four more plants for every housemate you have - just as long as they know how to hold a watering can.' The rules will apply in the cantons of Vaud, Neuchatel, Geneva and Fribourg from January 1 next year. Source: 420MAGAZINE
  2. I had 14 Big Bang plants from seed. I Veged (18/6) them for (about) 2 weeks after true leaves showed. I then bloomed them for 5 days (12\12), Then started reveging them 18/6. All plants showed there sex by 4 days veging, (about 9 days total from start of bloom. Ended up with 10 female. I want to grow these out, but after another 6 days veging they look like they are still blooming. They are in small 1 ltr pots right now. My Question is: If i repot them in my 9 ltr pots, will they be all right? Growing in soil, 1kw lights. Thank,
  3. Hi SukonmiSkunk Your right on. I did it a little different and am letting them all Veg. Have 11 of them and going to see them through. Thanks
  4. Hey Dust, your right (again) On the WW and WxBB, there are some leaf with 1 finger and some with 2, some with 3. There upward growth is slow, but look healthy. I guess thats to be expected considering the trama of reveging. I don,t think this is a good way, will sex and take clones from now on. Wishing you well, All is good in Ca.
  5. Hi Dust Thanks for the info. I only did the 12/12 for 5 days, they seem to be growing normally. Yes, have settled down to just 12 plants on a 4' x 4" area. 1 x !000w. Trying my hand at breeding. Have crossed a male WW with my Big bang (By accident). lol Will let you know how it does.
  6. Repoted in 3 gal pots, top all plants and after 8 days all are showing lots of new vegitive growth. I am a happy camper.
  7. Thank you, Thank you SukonmiSkunk Can always depend on this site, Love strainhunters. I had toped them already most the white hairs are on 2 of the highest branchs, no actuall buds. I will top these as I am staying legal these days and just growing 6 each for me and wife. Love big bang, lots of big buds with multiple toping. Side note: Used the "AIR POTS" last grow. Absolutly crazy roots.
  8. What does it mean? (Other than 600 g per squar meter) Is it one plant veged for 20 weeks in a100ltr pot with a 2000w light? (Silly example , but I am sure you get the idea. Thanks
  9. Hi fellow growers I have been planting my well rooted clones (cloned in 1.5" rockwool) directly into 5gal pots and veging. I was informed by an experienced grower, that i should start in small cups then to 1 gal then t 3gal then 5gal pots. I can understand how benificial this would be if you have seperate grow area and have plants in bloom. Will the clones do just as good or as fast if i start them in 5 gal pots? Thanks
  10. Wow !111 Thanks jankahar, Herb Johnson and all my friends on this site. It all makes sense. I will be doing, clones to cups to 2gal pots to 5gal buckets. Hey jankahar, nice looking grow. What are your lights?
  11. Dang !!! Just when I get things figured out, along comes experience and knowlege. I have noticed my roots were heavier on the outside against the pot. I use rockwool 1.5 inch, cups 16oz then to the 5 gal (19ltr). I might try a 1gal pot. I don't have space for a seperate veg room, must be done in the one room. I will do a test next time (well into veg now). Test: 3 plants "clone to 5gal", then 3 plants " to cups, 1 gal then to 5gal. Will try to update the test results in 7 month or so. At 73yrs thats a gamble I read the obituaries every day, lol Thanks Herb
  12. I love this site. I love it, when the experts agree with me PS: Hey!! Dust, we cought 16 salmon this year, kept 5, the biggest (king) was 22lb, smoked most of him. Not in a pipe but a smoker lol
  13. Hi 'MissKittyKat Thanks for the info. Do you have feel yet for the size of the AIR POTS? I am planning on growing 6 plants under a 600 w mh/hps light. I tought i would veg them to 24 inch's (Big Bang), should flower to 34 inch's. Any info on pot size appreciated. PS: I am growing in soil.
  14. Hi friends Looking on any info on AIR IONIZERS . 1: Are they good or bad for plants. I am growing is a room with a constant exchange of fresh air. I acquired a "Big Blue Ionizer" freebi. will it be benifical to my plants ? Thanks
  15. Thanks friends It would seem they can be carrosive and hard on equipment. I thought it would be good for sterilizing a grow room. I have odor under control via a carbon filter, so i will use it as a crap trap wieght.
  16. SORRY SHOULD HAVE READ 'MissKittyKat' FIRST Air pots are different from Fabric pots. Which one are we discussing. I would like to try theAurora Innovations ROOT POTS . Any info greatly appreciated
  17. Hi Mickish2012 do you mean all the vids on this site/ or did you have a perticule vid in mind? if so how about a link.
  18. I agree with the above. While assisting a friend with his seeds, we planted them in fox farm, they all died, after growimg an inch or so. We then used Black gold, which is low in nutrients, lots of worm castings and things like that, all 6 surived just fine. Best of luck
  19. Good job, looks just like the grow of my friend. were they airy ? Great smoke, but light after drying.
  20. Thanks Greeno And yes I agree this is a great grow.
  21. Thanks for sharing Canabis Ancestral Really looks good. Might be great for a sea of green? I was under the impression that when the trichomes start turing amber, it mean that the THC is a maximum and starting to degrade? Waiting for 80% might be to much. Any thoughts on this appreciated.
  22. Hi Smokey Have tried the BB, it is great. Not sure how to describe it, but very smooth, no coughing at all. It had a real clean taste, kind of like a doctors office, na not really. Our salmon down riggers were old and when we got into a school of salmon they took (broke) the wire right off. Only had 2 of the 10lb weights and lost them, we just kicked back and enjoyed the sea and smoked a joint just waiting for a little better weather now.
  23. OMG got to try this one soon. Thanks for the update, appreciated.
  24. Going to be a great crop. How tall are they now? They really stretched, had to be the light(s)?

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