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  1. Its a homage to a Book based in Seattle.. 'Wheedle On The Needle' nice name though!
  2. I would like to put request for my entry for the Cannibus Cup.. are slots still open? I am in.. and down.
  3. The med place I go to to buy.. If you get there before 2pm. and buy.. they give you a free joint called "salad" .. which is just a mix of everything. Wonderful. and different every time.
  4. I hope GHSC can get a hold of a couple strains.. maybe cross it with something.
  5. I agree with the Seattle vote.. the most liberal laws in the WORLD for ganja.Many flavors and strains to try!
  6. As someone who was there at the Space Needle, in Seattle at midnight. I can say.. I saw not a single person getting harrassed..Police were very hands off, and in the background while everyone gathered.
  7. Ive tried it.. it works well.. much like Blue Dream.. if not tiny more potient
  8. I agree.. i slows my internet browsing to a CRAWL!
  9. I actually wrote him to see what some of his plans are here in seattle.. and hopefully future states
  10. As a person who was there.. it was nice to see no police hastling anyone.. thanks for the link.. as I saw my friends being featured in the clip as well. They will be happy to see themselves.