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  1. Just jarred up my first harvest and I am pumped!!!!

  2. Hey Dust, Thanks for the advice brah! i will keep my eyes peeled and pull them suckers. Down to the last few long agonizing days before harvest and I am really excited. Glad my ladies will make it through.
  3. Hey fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Had a quick question for some of you veteran growers out there. I am currently at 9 and a half weeks and I am having some nanners on my big lady (peaches) My thoughts are that these last ditch male flowers are telling me that my ladies are ready, however i am only 5 days into flushing w/ just straight R/O water. I was planning on letting these flush another week or so, Will the nanners create seed in my sinsemilla? Any info would be great! I am not seeeing any amber trichromes yet but they are clouding up nicely. This is my first time growing a plant all the way to harvest and I am nervous that I will cut it too early for fear of the nanners.... Thanks Strainhunters fam!!!!
  4. thanks for the love guys. I will try and get my collection up soon. I have many more errls to share
  5. believe me i know about the ppm/ec meter. I was gonna grab one yesterday but was about 90 short on being able to afford one so i had to just opt for a 90$ ph pen for now. At this point I just want them to make it to finish, I doubt there will be any kind of huge yield or that my flowers will be as good as i like, but i'm like 1200 into the project and would like to get at least an ounce or two. So I had to make the call to have something much better than what i did have but could not afford the ec/ppm. Which is what i would have liked to have had. So with bumping my nutrients up from half strength to whole was probably a bad idea i'm guessing... Should I just flush again and start over what I did last night?
  6. here ya go tokage I couldn't figure out how to do it before. check em out thanks
  7. also I posted a new gallery thats of flowering and it is pictures I snapped of the ladies yesterday so people can see the whole picture here, feel free to check em out. thanks
  8. So this is what I have done to try and remedy the situation, if anyone thinks that I may need to try another route please don't hesitate to speak up.First thing I did was make a trip to the grow store. I picked up a ph pen, and some flush. I came home and ran the flush through both res for two hours. I drained both my res. and wiped them out with hydrogen peroxide, Then I Refilled them with RO water, I upped my nutrients to the recommended dose on the bottle. I ran 5ml per gal of cal/mag and 4ml per L of the advanced nutrients GMB Ph "not so perfect" base nutrients. Also I cut out the old root ball as far into the tangle of the other one as i could w/o damaging the roots of the other plant. So now I am down to two ladies, two weeks into flowering each in its own 18 gal. res. I just checked the Ph and am at 5.7 on one res and was at 6 on the other so i ph down some and will test again shortly. Between 5.5-5.8 is where you want to be in DWC? Thanks for your thoughts!
  9. Tokage- Thanks for the compliment. For all of the pictures above with the exception of the last one (the most beautiful slab I ever made very proud of that batch) my setup was a "Pittsburgh Steel" brand hand pump break bleeder. It could get you to about 27.5 Hg so the process was very time consuming usually around ten hours or so af vacuum purging that way. To get the golden amber shatter like that the key is to go low and slow, keep you oils just hot enough to stay in liquid form but thats it. Any higher and you degrade terpines and run the risk starting to vaporize the thc. I keep my water bath at about a 120 degrees fahrenheit or about 49 degrees C. If you want to up your experimenting i suggest getting an ifrared thermometer to use to keep your oil temp at an exact level so you can keep your temp on point for different finishes. If you want that really hard shatter though just keep it low and slow. Now I use a two stage 3CFM vacuum pump, my chamber is still the good ol mason jar though. I'll have a professional one here soon enough though. Gotta spend money to make money haha. I will post my complete oil shots collection this afternoon, along with the strains for each batch. I will be sure to include my setup. If you have any questions on extraction I am more than willing to share with everyone. this is a great forum, I have gotten a lot of help with my grow so I have no problem helping you guys out. I don't feel like I'm getting screwed lol. (or that I may be mistakenly helping some idiot kid do something where they dont take the precautions and blow themselves up.) I would just post a picture of my setup i am running now right on here but I can't figure out how to upload to a thread from my computer. So I will get that up for you guys this afternoon and if you have anymore questions just just ask.
  10. if i run h2o2 through my res to kill infection what is the proper solution?
  11. sour diesel on the right, peaches on the left.
  12. From the album Flowering, sour diesel, and Peaches

    need to switch to the warm bulbs...

    © heathenshashoils

  13. From the album Flowering, sour diesel, and Peaches

    © heathenshashoils

  14. From the album Flowering, sour diesel, and Peaches

    © heathenshashoils

  15. From the album Flowering, sour diesel, and Peaches

    3 weeks in these things should be further along I think but my plants are pretty f-d right now... lockup. flushing now, now then restarting my res. also picked up a ph meter so i can toss the lame chemical one! yay! at least i can keep that in line now and swap my res every week.

    © heathenshashoils

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