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  1. hi, i'm using a 120x pro from xproledgrow and it seems to work pretty well also, they have the lowest price on the web and it was very pleasant to deal with us.... http://www.xproledgrow.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60 have a nice grow, ciao...
  2. hello, here are new pics, they've been taken the 10th and 12th so at bloom +40 and +42.Plants are in their last flush which will stop monday. Since one week, i put some Sugar babe in the water....just for try...i'm sure it could not be bad...thanks for reading...a+
  3. hello, today i've stopped the second flush, so, new water EC 1.7 (with ganja's redbull: PF ) and PH 5.7.... some leaves seems to have been eaten...but no bugs on the microscope so... one of the kalash is nearly the double height of others, but buds are less developped than the little ones, maybe HPS power is not equal everywhere... I think to buy sugar babe or similary for the end of bloom, is anybody use it ? that's all for this day.. good night everybody.
  4. thanks for answer Dust, yes they are very pretty and growing fast...
  5. hellfingers

    red poison

    hello, is somebody ever grown this autoflo strain from sweet seeds ? i think i will try it after the kalash...so infos would be precious for me...thanks for all...
  6. and now just before their second flush...bloom +30..today i stop the second flush and put some redbull on water for 10 days.....the first kalash is 80cms height and the others ~55cm height. the little ones became very tights and smelly...
  7. hello guys, here are some new pics... just after their first flush...bloom +21
  8. really great grow and really great pics too...i hope that one day i would know to do the same...
  9. hello Jonaslr, nice to meet u on SH forum, i hope we will have plenty of pics of your future babies.. see you soon... a+...
  10. respect man... greatfull explanation...
  11. hello, the babies are out of the box before their first flush.... sorry.........5 days of diet.......Arjan said that it's good for u....so.... i'm not worry, my cat's looking after my babies.. bloom +16. PH 5.9, EC 1.3 (tap water EC 1.01 + PF) a+....