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  1. dapner yeah we believe you. Keep dreaming though. lol
  2. so GrowmasterJ about holy grail kush? what happened, how did they turn out? Its feb
  3. so whats up GrowmasterJ?? You said in sept/october you cracked those seeds then nothing sinse? So how did they turn out? Let us know
  4. alright thanks all for the info an advice.
  5. yeah I hear ya. Gonna call a place or two tomorrow. May go with a plant or two for the fliers. Sundew plants and or a pitcher plant. May try a weak peroxide mix or a hot water flush. Also the mosquito dunks sound alright?
  6. fungus gnat larvae forsure. Dang it! Temp an all that just wasent right for me to notice or them to thrive though i guess. Anyways i feel good knowing what the heck now. Anyways i like two ways mainly for the roots. Either a hot water bath? Or peroxide treatment? Anyone have info on these? Hot water selfexplanatory but how hot could i get the water for a quik flush? Peroxide sounds the way to go. Read one that someone said 4 parts water to 1 part peroxide. Though wonder what percente peroxide they meant. 3% easy to get but how much more do ya wanna water that down? Could maybe get foodgrade stuff at 35% and would probably be the best but not sure if 4 to 1 would dilute enough. Will explore for more info. Any suggestions be welcomed though. Thanks. Peace
  7. would like to believe they came from a friends water source but i only used a gallon or two of that like three days ago an now there are a shit load of the worms or watever so they musta been eating on roots before then. Not nearly enough little black flies around for them to be that. Had to come up with my well water i am guessing.. RO water system in a week or two. No cash till then tho. Any flush idea be cool though. Gonna go search an all that for now. Peace
  8. well it seems it maybe some damn bugs in my roots... See the worms in my flush water today. Frickin strange i wouldnt see one till the beginning of week 5 though. Specialy seein i had flushed them twice 6 days ago. Hard to think aanything else tho cause i see them. Hell. Anything i can run through to kill them this late? Clear bodie with little black head. Seen them before but not in these numbers.
  9. will post some pics soon. Have to figure out how to in this forum though? Jus usin a cellphone to be online
  10. plus the new clones I have comin up an watering with same nutes look excellent. Seems they might have the edges rising up a bit to though. Use shallow well water an wonder if is something to do with that. Is stressin me out lol been here 3 years an never noticed any of this before.. Though will freshen the nutes soon to be safe
  11. supercritical is what whitewidowXbigbud an somethin but was wondering if they want extra nitrogene? Thought the big bud just sucked that stuff up?
  12. cool thanks man. Was thinkin it could be that but all my nutes are pretty new. Pretty much buy them by the quart so they go fast. I get cold temps but have been running a infared heater in the room to keep it at atleast 68 degrees. Sorry dont do celsius lol plan on finishing this batch an ditchin the strain.
  13. a strain grown from willy jack seeds bout 10yrs ago. BubblegumXwhitewidow but forget the name off hand. Damn. Wish he was still makin it. Have seen same cross but not the same cause had a longer growin period. Was killer sheit though
  14. am on my third grow of supercritical. Hydro system all in hydoton medium. 1000watt light and 2 gal bucks. Drip system. Using gen hydro 3 part micro plan. Been using same nute mix for years but last two grows of supercritical go all yellow on me by finish. This time i added co2 system an probs showed 2 and a half weeks into flowering. Fan leaves get light green and yellow splotches that turn brown inside eventuly an leaf will go all yello eventuly. Thought over fert but cut that back 4 days ago an now all goin light green. Seems like calcium or manganese defficincy but hell. Anyone expirienced this with this strain? All leaf edges seem to rise up in a opposite canoe paddle form. Goin with a deff an gonna kick in some cal-mag an see what happens. Ideas anyone? They hungry for nitro?

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