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  1. maybe i missed the part. but what was the yield of the first grow? hg led´s seems to work out pretty well. can you give us a review on them. you seem to work for a while now with them.
  2. homemade


    ey yo, what kind of medicine do you use?
  3. i swear, i need medicine for my paranoia
  4. omg iam obsessed, and those led distributors must have been overflooded with requests, as there homepage is down for weeks now. what was the harvest amount of the first run?
  5. homemade


    bloom stage?
  6. homemade


    what did you measured the leds or the regular bulb?
  7. homemade


    looks like under led the plant streches more, but also it looks like it has more nuggets. hard to tell from all the pictures as there are no infos. would like to know more about your expirience with those lights
  8. a shame that it needs a hideout like that great one
  9. before you send them to bloom, you let them stay for 48h in darkness? can you please tell me the benefits of it, cause never heared about that, i heard some guys do the same at the end before harvesting. But anyways, i always thought about something like this move, would be a good one.
  10. i have that paranoia syndrom you know but holland, ghs building + admin, sounds good for me so far