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  1. anguscr

    CBD Mango Haze

    Mango !!!
  2. Hi Dust ... I tried a couple of CBD riched strains & the smoke was quite good. I got the CBD Mango Haze from the CBD crew, placed 2 seed & germinated on day 3 of been in the soil, since they'll grow kind of big I'll use Side Pullin' LST to control her heigh of 1 & topping to the other & may use the benders Tokage sent me some time ago, also to compare them with a THC riched strain of similar qualities I putted 1 Arjan Ultrahaze 2, in that way I'll try both A truly feel the differences. Here some today pics: CBD Mango Hazes Arjan Ultra Haze 2
  3. Since I hear of the CBD riched strains I wanted to try'em so I started this post to dedicated to CBD rich strains.
  4. anguscr

    Anguscr FBK

    Flower Bomb Kush side puling LST
  5. The mutation of the above "new" sweet mango was way deeper than the other so she never branched & went to the garbage can today, here some today pics of sweet mango mutantish:
  6. & the self main lining girl keeps doing very well, here some today pics: New sweet mango mutant seems to have a much deeper mutation than the self main lining girl & it seems that all depends of her branching posibilities, we'll see, here a today pic:
  7. Thanks Dust .... In deed she's doing very good, mutation washed out well & the flowering stage keeps going very well, I placed another seed & it came out a mutant too so i'll keep her to see if the mutation washes as it did with the self main linning/lst girl, here some today pics: New sweet mango mutant:
  8. Hi Jose ... Indeed she's something bizarre but seems that the mutation washed of her & flowering just started, here some today pics:
  9. that's right lamsbread she came main linned , i'll keep to try to lst but i messed up 1 of her tops, it broke kind of easy so imay just let her go, good thing is that the mutation is almost washed. Here some today pics:
  10. I placed another seed & it came out mutant, I keep her to see how she does, I called her the self topped as she splited in 2 right away & she's branching very bizarre but seems that she can wash out the mutantion or she may go mutant but nice or full mutant & shity ... lol...lol... we'll see, here some pics: Did some bending 2 her so branches can get more light:
  11. Very nice Elektroski Justovski Sausageski!!!!
  12. I did an xtra sweet mango that grows on the side of the others regular strains I have, she turnned to be a very nice Sausageski Elelektroski midget fatso, She has 2 2x flushes already done to her & I'll harvest her on sunday, so I'll have so nice sweet mango buds to smoke after all, here some today pics of her:
  13. Hi dust ... indeed was not dry but had mold comming from the inside out, I was available to spot some mold formation in the buds that turnned brown, so I chopped her down & separate the parts without mold to do kief, here some pics:
  14. Well, seems that the Sweet Mango took quite a jump in the last days, her buds are turnning brownish & fan leafs are falling by 10's & or drying out in the buds so I did a 2X Flush to prepare her to harvest even that she has not develop any fox tails, here some today buds pics: