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  1. Since I hear of the CBD riched strains I wanted to try'em so I started this post to dedicated to CBD rich strains.
  2. Thanks
  3. From the album CBD Mango Haze

  4. From the album CBD Mango Haze

  5. From the album CBD Mango Haze

  6. Hi Dust ... I tried a couple of CBD riched strains & the smoke was quite good. I got the CBD Mango Haze from the CBD crew, placed 2 seed & germinated on day 3 of been in the soil, since they'll grow kind of big I'll use Side Pullin' LST to control her heigh of 1 & topping to the other & may use the benders Tokage sent me some time ago, also to compare them with a THC riched strain of similar qualities I putted 1 Arjan Ultrahaze 2, in that way I'll try both A truly feel the differences. Here some today pics: CBD Mango Hazes Arjan Ultra Haze 2
  7. From the album CBD Mango Haze

  8. From the album CBD Mango Haze

  9. Thanks to Romeu for the Pure Kush seeds, I'll proceed with the test & to make it a bit more interesting will go together with the Kush's Challange, GHSC Pure Kush vs Vanilla Kush from Barney. Both went to glass of water during 24hrs & then to paper towells, Pure Kush first & a week before the Vanilla Kush, reason why they will have 1 week different in age. Nutrients Humbolt Nutrients in Vege Master A Master-B, Sea Mag Sea Cal ProZyme Humboldt Roots Aeroponic 25 galon Rubbermaid system with 360 sprayers will be use for Vege under 2 160W CFL's. Here some pics. Vanilla Kush at the left with the "helmet" still on Pure Kush to the right. VK PK
  10. I'm very happy to finally start the test of The Doctor, a strain that got my attention because of the double use of parents as I'll explain: The Doctor genes are Great White Shark x South Indian x Super Skunk, & the Great White Shark genes are: Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian. So the GWS was crossed again with 2 of his parents, South Indian & Super Skunk, I'm guessing that the 2 cross with Super Skunk was done to increase the yield but still the second cross of the South Indian is kind of mystirious for me. Got 5 seeds & placed them in 1 litter pots. Soil: Canna Terra Pro. Nutes: Biocanna full line, BioVega, BioFlores, Bioboost. Root Stimulant: Rhizotonic. Enzymes: Cannasym. Here some pics:
  11. Thanks to Fuzzy & the GHSC crew for the seeds of Sweet Mango for the Autoflowering cup. I was going to do’em outdoors but had to change of plans so I decided to do one indoors using Side pulling LST, to do so I drilled holes all around the pot & placed the seed close to the edge of the pot, not in the middle of the pot but more to one side, because I’ll bend her to the front side to start off this training method. She’ll be growing half as tall as the distance from the seed to the furthest pot side. The risk I see is that by placing the seed close to the edge of the pot it could hurt the roots as they would need to grow only in one direction and would be bound by the pot wall. This could potentially slow the plant down a little but I’ll use Rhizotonic in each feeding to avoid this 2 happen by creating a major root zone. She’s under a 60W CFL for now, in 10L pot & on Canna Professional soil.
  12. From the album Anguscr FBK

  13. From the album Anguscr FBK

  14. From the album Anguscr FBK

  15. The mutation of the above "new" sweet mango was way deeper than the other so she never branched & went to the garbage can today, here some today pics of sweet mango mutantish:
  16. & the self main lining girl keeps doing very well, here some today pics: New sweet mango mutant seems to have a much deeper mutation than the self main lining girl & it seems that all depends of her branching posibilities, we'll see, here a today pic:
  17. From the album Anguscr Sweet Mango

  18. From the album Anguscr Sweet Mango

  19. Hi people... I get the White Lemons last friday, put them today in a jar with water. After 24 hrs I'll move them to towels- I'm using Aeroponics with volcanic rocks as medium, they'll start in the 10 galon rubbermaid with sprayers. Then move to the 25 galon rubbermaid once the root system is develop. I'll up date ASAP, hope this babes spread open quick, ussualy after 24 hrs in paper towells they do.
  20. From the album Anguscr FBK

  21. From the album Anguscr FBK

  22. Thanks Dust .... In deed she's doing very good, mutation washed out well & the flowering stage keeps going very well, I placed another seed & it came out a mutant too so i'll keep her to see if the mutation washes as it did with the self main linning/lst girl, here some today pics: New sweet mango mutant:
  23. From the album Anguscr Sweet Mango

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