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  1. Doniusz77! Amazing ,giant lady! Congratulation , this setup will be honourable! How will be see the outfit after Pfff 2 weeks later wowww! Very nice! This is happy grow! Bless
  2. Hi, @Nordic !!!! Welcome back friend!I hope you will entry !Happy grow! Have a great weekend!
  3. Hi , BEDZ ! Good we can see what happened with LED.But I must say I use COB LED's and this one running well (6x12000 lumens ) (6x 100w) 4000K and this one use for 1m2 flower. Otherside I used befor trough 4-5 years HPS .HPS good for grow and flower ,but for me was too hot .More boxes more Hot!LED's don't give hot ,only warm .Momental in my room 28- 29 C ,perfect never was so nice .But now I use LED everywhere!Before was in Summer sometimes 40 C !! NOT good! But in LED we need those light power what have a HPS light.OR more , but not with hot ! I work in a dekoration group or team!
  4. Bless , Jose! Hi , Hunters! I would like to try and test , new genetics! I must clear down my sd card full of photos 😄 So This time i test my own LED lights too.Will be great when you count with me. Fullgas Peace!!!
  5. Hi, everyone! Nice to see again ,old and new friends! Wasn't not here long time , but last week I checked the site and I found this topic. This time I create for me some seed holding my good phenos ,after few years.I stoped the phenos and i get from California some new seeds in regular. This time from GreenHouse or Strainhunters I have only the White Strawberry Skunk.( but yet only babies) and waiting for breed stage.I would like in the near future more GreenHouse strain .The first what I would like to hunt for respect Franco's Lemon Cheese. And both skunk GH Cheese and Exodu
  6. Thank you, Myko & Ghost Grower! Yes, a stretchy pheno!Very good buds growing !Smelling like a skunk, and sweet!Nice weight!I have harvested the tops after 59 days and the lower buds later 62 days!But normal situation need 63 days! I have started this pheno in a bigger container 27L ! So more than 30 gramms dry buds from that Slex!I thimk it's nice production!And it can be more, when i hold in flowering more time,bigger container....etc I Like the SLEX! So intensive odour, smell great weed,nice "parfume" in the air after a smoke! And nice ballanced high and low , stay cool!
  7. Thank u, Mykol76! Yesterday , i made some pictures.I have harvested a branch, for test, but the rest inside .Day 57. was 58 today.That pheno better when i harvest on 9 week , but on the 8 week you can see it's very nice! So agressive SWeEt smell!!!! And skunky , really good strain! I like! I will grow in the future !
  8. Thank You, guys!!!! Mykol76 & Cannabissapean!!! The broken top was not my idea, it happened when I movedthe top.It was in the early flowering time!Design top So nice smelling the flowers! Like a cotton candy sweet smell, and some something peakly skunky ,not lemon , thats skunky smell,that will be out come when dryed the flowers, and no clorofil inside! Waiting well! I have started that plant's clone in a bigger container!Passed for me that SleX! Great strain!And there are in the veg room 4 another from seed!I will try those , cause i see , by another test , it gives all good pheno
  9. Congratulation!!!!!!! Very nice full sugar covered buds! so wonder to see!And very quick finished the plants!Nice grow!
  10. Hi, Hunters! Thank you , Jose running well. I hope but , it will not finished at Friday the buds! Beautiful!!! Now , you can see how many sugars on the buds, and smelling well, so really deep sweet smell with behind some another tone , lemony-lime-or a parfume ! I made same pictures from the plant and buds!
  11. Thank, You Guys the comments! I do some new pictures , and i made the fotos in original position Cannabissapien! It's very interesting thing ! I have a B.B. Cheese, what i have brokened at the vegetatve stage , I made some pictures of that plant!Strong ball growed the branch! That plant will, after a few days flowering .The SlEx , surprised me well! Can't wait the full finished flowers to see! Ok, stage to stage wonder! 9. April will be on the 49 d, 7 week.Smelling well the room!Mykol you have right I need bigger grow room.But I have in my situation (only) that, I must more times cut the p